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How To Sell With Creative Video Marketing For Amazon

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for optimizing your listings, generating revenue, and closing sales. It allows your audience to see your products and services in action, taking the guesswork out of the functionality and quality of your offerings. Eighty percent of consumers who see a video demonstration say they feel more confident in making their purchase decisions.


The Ins And Outs Of Amazon’s A10 Product Ranking Algorithm

The easiest way to get ahead on Amazon’s marketplace is through Amazon A10 compliance. Riding the wave that this e-commerce giant offers can help you rank higher because this new algorithm focuses on giving relevant search results to buyers.

Around 89% of consumers choose Amazon over other e-commerce sites when buying online. The product diversity and the fast shipping also play a part in Amazon’s market domination. However, it also made seller competition more fierce.

With 45% of shoppers never going past the second page of search results, it’s crucial you get your products on page one. Achieving this means staying on top of the current Amazon algorithm.


3 Profitable Strategies To Target Amazon Prime Customers

With the Amazon platform, sellers target two types of consumers: the regular customers, and Amazon Prime members.

While they both have sufficient buying power to purchase products on Amazon, Prime customers bring more to the table. Since its inception in 2005, Amazon Prime membership has grown to 147 million in the United States alone. The benefits enjoyed by members, such as fast and free shipping, outweigh the yearly cost by a mile.

When you target Amazon Prime customers, you’re targeting shoppers with better engagement than non-members. A recent survey shows that about 20% of Prime members usually shop on Amazon a few times a week, and 7% do so daily.


4 Questions To Ask When Evaluating Amazon Software, Tools, And Services In 2021

Even for companies that used Amazon seller software for years now, you’ll need to review your technology stack often to keep up with the latest changes to how the platform works. Last year saw major changes in consumer behavior and increases in ecommerce ventures. As Amazon continues to evolve with these prevailing market forces, you’ll need to regularly revisit your current Amazon seller tools and processes by keeping in mind the latest changes if you want to remain on top. 


Find New Amazon Seller Tools and Opportunities at the Prosper Show

For Amazon sellers looking to connect with other businesses and learn the latest trade secrets, you should consider attending either the Prosper Show (running from 13 March to 16 March this year) or signing up for the Prosper Connect Think Tank. You’ll have the chance to learn from other industry professionals, find ways to work together, and hear from thought leaders who are always working to help improve the Amazon seller community.