Amazon is the leading website for ecommerce sales. Currently, there are 1.9 million active sellers vying for audience attention. As an Amazon seller, you must find ways to set yourself apart from the competition. An effective way to do this is through video marketing. 

Video delivers content that is engaging, memorable, and eye-catching. By incorporating a campaign focusing on video marketing for Amazon, you can increase visibility, drive traffic to your website, and boost conversion rates.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Amazon

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for optimizing your listings, generating revenue, and closing sales. It allows your audience to see your products and services in action, taking the guesswork out of the functionality and quality of your offerings. Eighty percent of consumers who see a video demonstration say they feel more confident in making their purchase decisions.

Video marketing is also great for building brand identity. Videos that feature you or someone on your team helps to give a face to your company’s name. The audience is able to make a personal connection to your business. They get to know your company’s culture, personality, and sales techniques. Your audience can learn more about your mission and your values, and decide whether you’re a company they want to do business with. 

Videos are also highly shareable, which means you can expand your audience reach exponentially. Creating an effective video campaign that resonates with your audience means they’re more likely to pass your information along to their own contacts. This increases visibility and boosts the likelihood that more people will visit your Amazon page and make a purchase.

How to Sell with Amazon Videos

Video marketing on Amazon isn’t only effective, it’s relatively easy. Through their Video Creative Builder, Amazon marketplace sellers can choose from numerous templates to create video content that meets their needs. Even so, it’s important to understand these five points when developing your creative video content.

1. Determine Whether You’re Eligible 

Amazon rewards sellers who deliver trusted products and earn a high quantity of sales. For this reason, there are limitations on who can conduct video marketing on their platform. Before you begin developing a video marketing campaign, it’s important to determine whether you’re eligible to post videos on the site.

Currently, posting Amazon product videos is only available for marketplace sellers who fall into one of two categories: 

  • Sellers with products registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry.
  • Vendors selling brand-registered products wholesale.

Sellers who have no brand, or whose brand isn’t registered, are restricted to videos posted in reviews left by customers. Even if you do fall into one of these two categories, sellers in Europe aren’t yet able to upload videos to Amazon. 

2. Play by the Rules

To maintain quality standards, Amazon has several content policies you’ll need to abide by to succeed on this platform. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their rules and regulations to make the most of your video marketing efforts. 

Keep the following things in mind as you map out your video content:

  • Avoid using quotes or reviews in your videos.
  • Refrain from including fast-paced visuals that could be distracting to the viewer.
  • Images must be full-frame.
  • Videos shouldn’t feature celebrities.

Follow Amazon’s guidelines from the get-go to set yourself up for success.

3. Decide What Type of Video 


Alt Text: Woman prepares a product demonstration video for skin cream.

Before you create your content, you need to determine what type of video you want to publish. There are essentially three types of videos that retailers use for selling on Amazon:

  • Product Promotion: Tell your audience about your product, highlighting benefits and features.
  • Product Explanation: Like promotion videos, but they go into more detail about the product’s functionality and demonstrate to people how it works.
  • Product Comparison: Teach consumers how and why your product is superior to your competition.

Consider your goals and choose the type of video that will help you accomplish your mission. 

4. Customize Videos for Your Brand 

Amazon videos are your opportunity as a retailer to put your best foot forward. These videos are an effective way to build brand recognition, so you want to be sure they’re good quality and deliver useful information in the voice, tone, and style of your brand. Use images and video clips that are high-resolution (ideal dimensions are 1920px x 1080px). 

Focus on your products, their benefits, and what makes them better than those of your competitors – but do so in alignment with your company’s image. Incorporate your brand’s colors, feature your logo, and use fonts that tie back to your other marketing collateral. This is your chance to solidify your brand’s image in the minds of your prospects.

5. Keep it Short and Sweet 

Through your Amazon videos, you want to capture your audience’s attention and make your point before they lose interest or, worse, become distracted by a competitor’s video. Amazon has discovered that the optimal length for videos is 15 to 30 seconds. That’s not much time, so you’ll want to ensure you maximize your opportunity to make your pitch. 

Feature your product right away. People have tuned in to learn about what you sell. If they don’t see it in the first couple of seconds, they’re likely to move on. Showcase your offerings immediately, dive right into the meat of your content, and save your company logo and contact information for the end. 

What You Need for Creating Amazon Videos


Alt Text: two male bloggers set up for product video demonstration

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to begin creating videos for your Amazon marketing campaign, you’ll need to gather some important items to prepare for your project.

  • Create a compelling script or project map to guide the flow of your video.
  • Use that guide to locate or create quality images, logos, video clips, and music or sound effects.
  • Select several products for filming purposes. Consider close-ups, feature highlights, and demonstration use.
  • Locate your filming/recording equipment and a quiet space to film.

When you’re well-prepared, it shouldn’t take long to create a video you’ll be proud of that will help drive traffic and boost sales.

Emerald Delivers Breakthrough Results

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