Even for companies that used Amazon seller software for years now, you’ll need to review your technology stack often to keep up with the latest changes to how the platform works. Last year saw major changes in consumer behavior and increases in ecommerce ventures. As Amazon continues to evolve with these prevailing market forces, you’ll need to regularly revisit your current Amazon seller tools and processes by keeping in mind the latest changes if you want to remain on top. 


Quick Takeaways:

  • Shifts in consumer behavior are creating a new competitive landscape for Amazon sellers
  • The latest Amazon seller software market is just as competitive as the products they support
  • In 2022, Amazon is refocusing on adding value to customers and this will require changes in how you deploy your Amazon technology stacks

Latest Amazon Seller Software Questions for 2022

Amazon’s skyrocketing revenues received attention from every major news outlet in 2020 but another statistic wasn’t that well reported. Since January last year, more than 3 million new sellers joined the ecommerce giant bringing the total to 9.7 million in 2021. That’s almost a third of the entire third-party seller marketplace signing up in a single year. 

For veteran sellers, the added competition means you’ll need to review your current technology stack, process, and research any new tools that can help you remain on top. 


Amazon Seller Tools: 4 Questions to Ask for Improving Your Ecommerce Business

Sellers are always looking to drive revenues by increasing sales, which will require using the latest tools available to understand how Amazon optimizes the buyer’s journey. Even major sellers on Amazon aren’t impervious to new challengers entering the marketplace and disrupting the status quo. 

Deploying the right tools now will allow veteran sellers to maintain their status and remain one of the top-performing Amazon seller businesses. Here are 4 questions to answer before updating your Amazon technology stack for 2022. 

Does the Software Have Pricing Tools?

Amazon remains focused on adding the best value to buyers who use the service. Finding the ideal price point is a key consideration to ensure your Amazon seller business succeeds in a highly competitive marketplace. 

The price of your products will determine whether you own the Buy Box, which is the “Add to Cart” button that appears next to selected items on the site. In the past, seller metrics determined who owned the Buy Box but from 2021, Amazon is suppressing the one-click buy button if a product is available at a better price online. Finding the right price for your product is now vital as 82% of buyers use the Buy Box. 

What are the Limitations If You Don’t Own the Buy Box?

Amazon reserves the right to suppress certain products (and remove the Buy Box) if they are available online for a better price outside of the platform. While owning the Buy Box is the best way to increase sales, your product will still be available in product listings. Another limitation for sellers who don’t own the Buy Box is you will not be able to run ads for your products. 

Do You Still Need Several Different Tools to Optimize Your Ecommerce Business?

Ideally, you’ll look for tools that give you three distinct features:

  • It will help you to conduct product research and decide what the best products to list for your business
  • You’ll be able to conduct keyword research and adjust your marketing strategy using regular search terms from users
  • The tool will provide you with analytics and insights about your performance to assist you with improving your product listings

While you should look for a tool that provides at least these three features, there are solutions that offer much more than this. Helium gives you 22 different features, providing you with easier ways from managing and marketing your business to writing optimized product listings. It’s currently the best, all-in-one Amazon seller software. Not to mention you can start using Helium for free. 

What Else Should You Consider for Your Amazon Seller Software in 2022?

Consumer spending may be down in 2020 but online shopping increased exponentially. Increased competition from sellers requires you to conduct extensive market research across all ecommerce platforms before you list your products on Amazon. Solutions like Octoparse help you to scrape product data from across the web to find a competitive price point and build a marketing strategy to beat your competitors. 

To succeed with your Amazon business in 2021, you’ll need to collect, analyze, and exploit any new market opportunities quickly. Octoparse or other product scrapers will help you identify any gaps in the product’s market and ensure you can optimize your Amazon shop for maximum profits while remaining competitive. 

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