Creating and implementing a solid multichannel campaign for your company’s marketing efforts is essential to interacting with your customer base. This doesn’t mean you run different campaigns on various platforms – an effective multichannel marketing campaign uses the same campaign across multiple channels. It includes targeting customers using channels such as print, email, social, websites, and retail stores. 

In 2020, Amazon’s annual revenue increased by 38% to $386 billion. The platform only continues to grow and should be a component of your multichannel marketing campaign. 

Quick Takeaways

  • Multichannel campaigns help increase lead conversion and generation and boost revenue
  • Amazon advertising is targeted to consumers who will buy your products
  • Invest in pay-per-click ads instead of traditional advertising campaigns 

The Age of Digital Advertising in Multichannel Campaigns

Amazon advertising is a great platform to increase your brand’s awareness. The average American spends around 5.4 hours a day on their smartphone, so finding a way to get in front of potential customers is essential to your business. 

What is Digital Advertising? 

Digital ads are perfect avenues for customers to discover new products and browse through online stores. They combine text, videos, or images, and can appear on streaming content and social media sites. Digital advertising doesn’t have to fit into the same rules and guidelines as a print ad would. You’re able to get more creative and tailor your ads to your consumers and make quick adjustments based on how they perform. 

Digital advertising can also be less expensive than traditional advertising, like a radio feature or billboard. How much you pay can be entirely tailored to your budget. You’re able to act on your campaigns much faster, ensuring you reach the right customers in the right place. Many digital advertising platforms will give you statistics and show you your results in real time. 

How Does Amazon Advertising Work?

An estimated 95 million Americans have an Amazon Prime account, making it one of the most popular online shopping platforms. Advertising on Amazon will get your product in front of more customers in each stage of their shopping journey, whether they just started to research a purchase or ready to add it to their cart. 

Amazon knows what products their customers like to purchase, and their advertising tools are designed to target people who would want to purchase your product. Advertising on Amazon should be part of your multichannel marketing campaign for your Amazon storefront. You’ll be hitting customers directly on the platform where they can buy, eliminating any barrier to entry from purchasing. 

Amazon offers a variety of advertising tools for different styles of campaigns and budgets, including:

  • Sponsored Brands: These ads show up in shopping results and you pay per click. You can customize the headline, add in your brand logo, and feature multiple products.  
  • Sponsored Products: These are also pay-per-click ads that feature individual products and show up on product pages and in-shopping results.  
  • Sponsored Display: Using automatically generated ad creatives, they are targeted to certain customers that would be interested in your products based on their shopping history.  
  • Amazon Stores: Custom stores on Amazon create an immersive experience for customers. They feature all the products you sell, along with your brand story. 
  • Video Ads: On publisher channels and networks, connected TVs, and IMDb, over-the-top (OTT) video ads will show up.  
  • Audio Ads: On the free tier of Amazon music on Alexa-enabled devices, as well as mobile and desktop, audio ads will play. Your products can be featured in those ads.  
  • Custom Advertising: In this ad campaign, you will work directly with Amazon team members to create a customized advertising experience. 

How to Know if Amazon Advertising is Right for Your Business

Overall, you should be advertising on Amazon. It’s another avenue to get eyes on your product and increase your customer base. If you’re new to advertising, especially on this platform, test out an ad on a product that already sells well. Once you see an increase in sales on that product and have earned your investment back, start to incorporate more products/brands. 

No matter the size of your business, using Amazon’s targeted ads can be much more effective. 

Optimizing Your Ads on Amazon

You can have your ads targeted at all the right people, but you likely won’t be the only business targeting that specific audience. Your ads will need to stand out from the rest, ensuring customers click on your product and make a purchase. 

There are a few ways to guarantee your ads are optimized properly:

  • Craft Compelling Ad Copy: Make sure that your ad copy reflects the product you’re selling. If you’re running a sale, instill a sense of urgency in the buyer that makes them feel like they need to purchase your product quickly before they lose out on the cheaper price.  
  • Implement Relevant Keywords: Include keywords in your ad copy that customers will be typing into their search bars. Your target keywords should also be in your product descriptions. Your goal is to convert Amazon shoppers to customers, so you want the ad to show up to the proper customer.  
  • “Block” Your Ads: If you sell sneakers, but not high heels, you can add “high heels” as a negative keyword. That means your ad won’t show up for a person searching for that keyword. This will save you money since your ad will be showing up for people who are specifically looking for your type of product. 

Implementing Amazon Advertising into Your Marketing Strategy 

Every piece of your multichannel marketing campaign needs to work in tandem. As an e-commerce business, advertising directly on the platform where customers are making purchases will ensure your product gets more eyes on it and you increase your revenue. 

In addition to ads on social media platforms driving customers to your Amazon product pages, advertising on Amazon will also increase awareness for your company. 

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