How to Increase Conversions With Sponsored Ad Videos in the Amazon Domain 

By Rafael Veloz, CEO and Founder of Share It Studio


Creating pretty videos doesn’t make the cut anymore. If you want your video campaigns to be successful, you have to make them with one goal in mind: Increasing conversions. And yes, being creative, having beautiful shots, and visually appealing images is extremely important, but if you can’t make your content effective, all of this work won’t yield results. 

So, let’s talk about how you can create attractive videos that will drive your sales to the roof.  

I’d like to share with you the “The Marvel Technique”. It’s based on four components:  

  • Attention 
  • Problem 
  • Benefits 
  • Brand 

    1. Attention

    The attention of the average viewer is 3 seconds, so you must make sure your video makes an impact in that time. If you can catch your viewer’s attention, you will most likely get a click. 

    2. Problem  

    Your video must clearly address the problem your customer is facing, and why your product is the only solution. You must be able to transmit the message through visuals: Do you have a problem? We got you covered. 

    3. Benefits 

    Sell your product, this is your opportunity to show every feature and benefit that could change your customer’s life. Your goal is to make it relatable and to create an emotional connection with your customers, so they don’t have any doubts that they need your product. 

    4. Brand 

    Your brand must always be the hero of the story, so don’t forget to show it at the end of every video you make!  

    What Else Do You Have to Keep in Mind? 

    Along with “The Marvel Technique” for Sponsored Ad Videos, there are certain things you must think of if you want to increase customer engagement and conversions. 

    On Amazon, the competition is fierce, especially when it comes to advertising, so you must go above and beyond to connect with customers and make them choose you. Building trust is an important aspect of this, and it’s the reason you should always use social proof in your videos. 

    You can use testimonials, for example, and take the words out of your customer’s mouth and share it with the rest of the world. This is a great option because it makes your product relatable and addresses any hesitations your customers may have. 

    On the other hand, you can run the extra mile and work with content creators and influencers to show your product in action. This can give you exceptional results because it builds brand awareness, and it’s targeting a wider audience, which ultimately will lead you to more sales. 

    Furthermore, if you have outstanding reviews and star badges, you can share them! It’s a great way to gain trust and shows you are worth buying from. 

    Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Video 

    Amazon has strict guidelines when it comes to Sponsored Ads Videos, so with every new video, you must think about the length, dimensions, file size, etc. If you want to take the most out of this asset, you must 100% comply with Amazon guidelines. 

    Creating effective Sponsored Ads Videos doesn’t only generate brand awareness, it is an important tool that can revolutionize your brand and skyrocket your sales.  





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