Half the battle in succeeding as an online vendor is finding the right merchandise to sell. Whether you’re an established seller wanting to diversify your inventory, or you’re looking to get into the online game, there are certain trends predicted to do well in 2019. 

The bullets below will give you insight into what customers will be craving in the upcoming months:  

  • Tech. It seems like the tech industry cranks out new, better ideas by the minute. People want the convenience that comes with a machine that can perform tedious or fantastic processes with the click of a button. Audio/video doorbell gadgetry, virtual reality, mini-projectors, Bluetooth speakers, and drones are all expected to do very well in 2019.
  • Beauty and Appearance. The growing number of YouTube makeup tutorials online can attest to people’s infatuation with beauty products. These products range from makeup (cruelty-free makeup being especially sought after), hair removal devices, false eyelashes, and essential oils. Natural hair care is also a hot search entry and predicted to stay that way.
  • Accessories. Handbags, scarves, neckties, hats, and sunglasses continue to be in high demand. Some accessories are melding with high-tech, as with electric backpacks that charge your devices while you travel. Shoppers are also snapping up accessories for pets, including coats and vets for furry friends and collars with GPS trackers. Cell phone accessories, such as chargers, Bluetooth headsets, and cases, are top sellers as well.    
  • Clothing. Apparel is expected to sell well in 2019. People are searching for comfortable activewear and shapewear more than ever. They’re also nerding out over retro and themed/fandom clothing items. The more high-brow customer, however, is searching for embellishments like attractive pocket squares to add that extra touch of class to tailored suits. 
  • Food. Food sales are trending in 2019. People are very interested in detox teas and health food. With the increasing number of specialty diets, people want to supplement their meals with great-tasting snacks, desserts, and entrees.  Diets, such as paleo, vegan, high-protein, low-sugar, are often notorious for having bland food choices. Now more than ever before, suppliers are promising tasty alternatives and people are taking note.
  • Subscription Boxes. People are going crazy over subscription boxes because they’re convenient and they assert the element of surprise. Consider developing subscription boxes for a wide variety of individuals. Bookworms, wine lovers, men, women, vegans, board game enthusiasts, and cigar aficionados—the sky is the limit. A word of caution, however, when considering how to fill your subscription boxes: people want to be blown away from the very first box. Make sure that you have stunning, top-quality products each month to ensure that your target customers are satisfied. If they are underwhelmed, they are likely to cancel the subscription rather than waiting around for merchandise to get better.

Do your research carefully so that you are capitalizing on what your target audience wants. No matter how good your marketing efforts and customer service are, your business needs high-demand products to thrive.