So you want to sell on Amazon? For starters, you should decide which products you want to peddle and how you will source them. Start by doing a little research. Find out which products have tanked and which have succeeded. If you see a hot item, do not simply attempt to hawk a carbon copy. Selling the same product can be difficult if there is already a respected and established vendor.

It’s always a reasonable idea to start out selling niche products. Niche products are those that satisfy the specific needs of a specific group of people. By starting with a niche product, you minimize your inventory investment while increasing your chances for conversions.

After you have established a successful model for sourcing and selling your niche products, you can then proceed with considering other products that will complement your main offerings. As you continue to expand your merchandise line-up, you can begin to build your e-commerce empire.

Sourcing your e-commerce inventory is another challenge. Start by finding out who manufacturers the products you want to sell and see if white labeling is an option. White labeling allows you to take goods manufactured by another party but branded with your company name.

There are two easy ways to search for a manufacturer that offers white label versions of what you want to sell.

  1. Check Alibaba.
  2. Search Google for ” private label,” and you’re nearly guaranteed to find a match.

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