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Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Photography

Even if you’re a master at sales, you can still be a beginner at Amazon product photography.  Photography in general takes a lifetime to perfect, not to mention knowing the specific techniques that work for sales and retail in particular. Add to that Amazon’s own restrictions, and suddenly taking a few pictures doesn’t seem so easy anymore.  If you’d like to optimize your Amazon product photography and increase sales, below we tell you everything you need to get started. But first, let’s talk about why ecommerce photography is so essential, and how it leads to more conversions.


How to Check Patents on Amazon: 3 Ways

Every day, 9.7 million global retailers sell their goods on Amazon. That means billions of products are available on the eCommerce site, and new products get unveiled every day. In 2020, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted Amazon 2,373 patents. That’s thousands of brand-new products that have never before been developed and sold. With so much innovation and creativity among Amazon sellers, it’s important to ensure you’re not developing a product that is too similar to someone else’s idea. That’s why you must understand how to check patents on Amazon. 


What is an Amazon Automation Business? Should You Invest in It?

In 2020, Amazon’s $386 billion revenue made it the third-largest company in the entire world based on revenue. 56% of sales come from third-party sellers. Amazon automation businesses have been a trending topic lately, but what exactly are they? Amazon’s platform has more than 6.3 million total sellers. About 1.5 million are active sellers. 

Competing on any marketplace, including Amazon, is a challenge. Sellers are scrambling to find more efficient ways to optimize their Amazon stores. One method that works well for e-commerce businesses is automation. 

But what is Amazon automation? Is it a scam? Should you invest hard-earned money into an Amazon automation business? Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of Amazon automation. 


Four Amazon FBA Product Research Strategies to Find More Profitable Products

Selling products on Amazon is a great way to own your own business and start earning a profit. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world with 92% of online shoppers in the U.S. saying they have bought at least one item from Amazon. 

A large part of Amazon’s business is third-party sellers. In 2020, Amazon reported that $80.5 billion of its revenue was driven by third-party sellers.  Are you ready to become a part of this multi-billion-dollar industry? If so, you can join the ever-growing number of sellers who participate in the Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) program. With this type of program, you choose the products you want to sell, send them to Amazon, and Amazon takes care of the shipping and customer support. 

While this selling formula can quickly turn a profit, the key is finding the right products. This guide will take you through some Amazon FBA product research tips to make sure you are choosing the ideal products.