Sellers shipping with USPS need to track and monitor their shipments VERY closely when using Priority Mail.  With rates increasing all the time, understand what your costs with USPS Priority mail entitle you to.  Packages are supposed to be delivered in a time frame, that if not met, allows you to file a claim.  In many cases you can get refunded your shipping costs.  This does take some time and watching, but you could possibly recover large amounts of shipping costs.  Again, this is based on you purchasing Priority Mail postage; buying that postage entitles your package to be delivered in a specific time frame.  Make sure you are getting what you pay for when you do ship with Priority Mail Postage.


Priority Mail Insurance..  All Priority Mail packages are insured up to $100 without paying extra for insurance.  Keep this in mind when shipping and having your shipment insured.  The USPS on-line platform makes it easy to file insurance claims and delivery claims.  You will have to visit  From there you can file your claim; the site will tell you what information you will need to upload.  Claims are processed fast as well.  When you pay for Priority Mail postage, this service is included with the cost of postage.  Not taking advantage of this is like throwing money out the window.


975 Supply has been a leading provider of office products on Amazon for over 6 years.  Specializing in shipping labels, we have multi brands with a large assortment of sizes and colors that will meet all your label requirements.  We deal with all types of sellers and help them with their needs regardless of size.  If it is a few hundred sheets or pallets of labels, we are the company for you.



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