From a bookselling company operating out of Jeff Bezos’ garage to the largest Internet retailer, Amazon has taken the world by storm since its inception in 1994. Amazon has changed everything for online retailers. First of all, it has amassed the world’s biggest database of customers. That means that your customers are all there—under one big Amazon roof. Amazon has also made it easier than ever to sell online through its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services. FBA will manage and store your inventory and ship and track your orders, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Amazon makes online selling so easy, in fact, that retailers have flocked to the platform—and therein lies the problem. For all of Amazon’s advantages, the marketplace has become so crowded that it’s difficult to stand out.

Though difficult, however, distinguishing yourself on Amazon isn’t impossible, and many companies have done it with great success. If you’re struggling to break out from the Amazon pack, here are a few tips:

Sweeten your deals. You can set yourself apart from your competitors by offering free shipping, coupons, gift cards, and giveaways. Don’t make your discounts so deep that you’re not making a profit, but do make them attractive enough to turn your customers’ heads. And don’t neglect your existing customers while trying to woo new ones. Offer loyalty rewards for returning patrons.

Optimize. Don’t forget that Amazon is a search engine as well as a marketplace. Make sure that you can be found easily by optimizing your products and your store. Do extensive keyword research and come up with a list of relevant keywords. Sprinkle them throughout your copy. Ensure that your images are top quality, and keep your prices in line with your competitors’ at all times.

Treat your customers right. If there are ten retailers selling the same product at the same price, why would someone choose your company? Strong customer service. Even though you are not dealing with your clients face-to-face, the way that you treat them matters. Go out of your way to respond to questions and address problems. If you’re easy to work with, shoppers will reflect their satisfaction in their reviews. Give customers a little more than they are expecting, and they will award you with positive feedback and repeat business.

The Amazon marketplace is only getting busier, but if you’re committed, creative, and resourceful, you can rise to the top on Amazon. To sell more on Amazon, attend Prosper Show. You’ll learn more tips and tricks from top dogs in the industry and connect with the best service providers.