Many online retailers have achieved success by selling on Amazon, but there are also those who struggle just to break even. Online vendors can learn tricks of the trade by attending Amazon sellers’ seminars where they can learn from the experts. Amazon seminars, like PROSPER Show, gather seasoned and highly successful vendors, online retail service providers and eager-to-learn retailers. They come together under one roof in an environment of sharing and learning.

At Amazon sellers’ seminars, speakers share reasons why some web-based stores falter. Here are just a few:

  • Incomplete or incorrect product data – The Amazon marketplace is very crowded and competitive. A buyer needs to choose from millions of products, but this process is made easy through categories that buyers can search. Buyers will find what they are looking for based on the product description, so it is essential that this description is complete and accurate.
  • Late or costly fulfillment – Customers often choose Amazon over e-commerce sites because of the free two-day shipping available through Amazon Prime. Shipping late can lead to customer dissatisfaction and poor reviews. Amazon sellers can ensure that they ship their products on time by using FBA, a program that allows third-party sellers to deliver their products through Amazon.
  • Overselling – As a retailer, you need to sell, but you should only sell products that you have in stock. This is something that Amazon takes very seriously. Overselling can prompt Amazon to penalize or suspend you. It is critical that sellers practice sound inventory management to avoid overselling.
  • Competing against Amazon – Competing against other Amazon sellers is hard enough. It is even harder if you try to compete against Amazon itself. Amazon can help you sell. They can also duplicate your product and sell it better. Amazon sells its own products, and it is not generally a good idea to challenge them. Before you start selling, do your research to make sure that Amazon is not peddling the same products that you hope to offer.

There are lots of ways to succeed in selling on Amazon, but avoiding these common mistakes is an important first step.