A business cannot exist without customers. January is National Thank You Month and a great opportunity to express thanks to customers for their patronage.

There are many ways of expressing appreciation to customers. Here are just a few:

  • Send a note – Sincere words can go a long way in conveying gratitude. Send a card to your loyal customers for important occasions or just to say thanks. While you can order pre-printed cards, make sure that you sign them by hand for a personal touch.
  • Send food – Food is one of the best ways of expressing thanks. After all, who doesn’t like to eat? Honor your customers with small food items such as cookies or candy.
  • Give a calendar – Mark the New Year by sending your clients a calendar bearing your business name and logo. The calendar can include pictures of your products or staff. The gift can help customers remember your company all year long.
  • Give freebies – When you send out products, include a free gift. People love surprises.  The gift doesn’t need to be worth a lot to have a big impact on your customers.
  • Make a donation in the customer’s name – Give to a charitable cause, listing your customers as the donor. They will appreciate knowing that you helped others in their name.
  • Call – Make a brief phone call to your customers to thank them for supporting your business. Personal efforts like this help clients know that you care.

You can extend your company’s goodwill and forge a strong relationship with your customers by simply showing gratitude.