Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 17.  Though not as big as Mother’s Day in terms of online sales, Father’s Day is still a major consumer event worth cashing in on.  Father’s Day falls right at the end of Q2, which is typically a slow quarter.  The June holiday can provide the resuscitation that your finances need.

It’s critical to start preparing early for online Father’s Day sales.  If you haven’t started yet, don’t delay.  It’s also imperative to supplement your usual inventory with dad-themed gift items.

Here are a few products to consider selling in your online store for Father’s Day:

  • Automotive products. Car and truck-related merchandise sells well in the lead-up to Father’s Day.  Consider carrying steering wheel covers, new car mats, car cleaning solutions, and car stereo equipment.
  • Personal care products. Shoppers can surprise their fathers with products that   put a new spin on personal grooming.  Consider carrying all-natural shower gel, beard oil, aftershave made from essential oils, or a trendy, new cologne.
  • Sports products. Not all dads enjoy sports, but sales show that many do.  Consider offering equipment for tennis, bowling, golf, basketball, baseball, and more.  You can also offer apparel, but make sure to do your research.   Find out which teams and players are popular and offer items bearing their team logos and names.  Caps, jerseys, and even branded athletic shoes are all fast-selling items.  Try bundling your products on Amazon.  For example, you can bundle by team, offering a mix of sports equipment and apparel with team logos.
  • Tech products. Technology-based items are favorites for Father’s Day gifts. Virtual reality products are trending this year.  You can offer video games and gaming systems, speakers, projectors, and big-screen TVs.
  • Niche hobby products. Consider offering items that appeal to dads’ hobbies, especially outdoor fun.  You could offer binoculars for bird watching, a telescope, a cookbook, grilling items, or fishing equipment.
  • Low-budget products. You’ll undoubtedly have many visitors to your site who are dealing with a tight budget.  Make sure to offer low-cost items like grilling tools, ties, books, pocketknives, socks, and key chains.

Once you decide which products to add to your inventory, get the word out.  Use email and social media to hype your Father’s Day products.  Make sure to offer a few discounts and promotions to encourage them to check out your inventory sooner than later.