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5 Effective Amazon Advertising Tips from Google Ads

Google Ads is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of pay-per-click (PPC) ads – and what better way to get Amazon advertising tips than directly from the mentor?

Google Ads remains the leading platform for paid search marketing. Since its inception in October 2000 as Google AdWords, it has continuously held the largest market share in online advertising. Over time, it progressed away from serving advertisements based solely on the highest bid. Today, AdWords prioritizes advertisers that rank high on their Quality Score while still considering the bid amounts.


How to Fight (and Win) Price Wars on Amazon

A recent survey shows that price is one of the top reasons consumers choose to shop on Amazon. Your marketing efforts may be able to warm up a potential customer. Still, without the right Amazon pricing strategy, you might lose them to your competitors.

However, as you try to adjust your product prices, your competitors do so as well. What ensues is an arduous and exhaustive pricing war. If you don’t want your business to end up at the bottom of the price war race, you need effective strategies.


Top 3 Targeted Ads Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Retargeting for Amazon

You are most likely familiar with targeted ads, but retargeted ads are a slightly different type of marketing campaign. Retargeting is a form of targeted ads, but not all targeted ads are considered retargeting.

Don’t let this confuse you. The explanation is simpler than you think.

Targeted ads are advertisements that users receive based on several demographic factors, purchasing habits, and search inquiry patterns. The most common demographics include age, race, occupation, and location, among others. Targeted ads reach potential customers on several platforms, include social media.

Whether you are new to Amazon ecommerce selling or an experienced retailer, this ultimate guide to Facebook retargeting ads for Amazon will assist you in learning the best techniques to use for targeted ads.


The Ins and Outs of Amazon’s A10 Product Ranking Algorithm

The easiest way to get ahead on Amazon’s marketplace is through Amazon A10 compliance. Riding the wave that this e-commerce giant offers can help you rank higher because this new algorithm focuses on giving relevant search results to buyers.

Around 89% of consumers choose Amazon over other e-commerce sites when buying online. The product diversity and the fast shipping also play a part in Amazon’s market domination. However, it also made seller competition more fierce.

With 45% of shoppers never going past the second page of search results, it’s crucial you get your products on page one. Achieving this means staying on top of the current Amazon algorithm.