Have you ever been shopping on Amazon and left the site without purchasing, only to see an ad for that product on your Facebook feed? That is Facebook retargeting – also called remarketing – on Amazon.

Retailers use this method of targeting to turn a potential buyer into a loyal customer. Retargeting should be a part of your Amazon advertising campaign as an ecommerce retailer. However, if you are not familiar with this process, it is easy to overlook this step in marketing to your Amazon audience.

Whether you are new to Amazon ecommerce selling or an experienced retailer, this ultimate guide to Facebook retargeting ads for Amazon will assist you in learning the best techniques to use for targeted ads.   

Facebook Retargeting Ads for Amazon Explained 

You are most likely familiar with targeted ads, but retargeted ads are a slightly different type of marketing campaign. Retargeting is a form of targeted ads, but not all targeted ads are considered retargeting. 

Don’t let this confuse you. The explanation is simpler than you think. 

Targeted ads are advertisements that users receive based on several demographic factors, purchasing habits, and search inquiry patterns. The most common demographics include age, race, occupation, and location, among others. Targeted ads reach potential customers on several platforms, include social media. 

Retargeting ads work similarly, yet there is a significant difference. Retargeting is aimed solely at shoppers who have visited or interacted with specific products. Those products are then advertised to the consumer later on a third-party medium, such as Facebook. 

The easiest way to differentiate these two types of marketing is to say that targeted ads are determined by who you are, and retargeted ads depend on what you do.  

3 Tips for Facebook Retargeting Ads for Your Amazon Audience

Amazon ships approximately 1.6 million packages a day, according to Market US. In 2020, the ecommerce giant increased its annual net revenue by over $100 billion to reach $386 billion.

The economic downturn from the recent pandemic shaped a positive outcome for Amazon. More shoppers turned to online retailers when their favorite brick-and-mortar stores were closed due to Covid-19 mandates. The top five categories of frequently purchased items on Amazon that increased in net revenue in 2020 include:

    • Electronics: 44%   
    • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry: 43%
  • Home and kitchen: 39% 
  • Beauty and personal care: 36%
  • Books: 33%

If you are an Amazon retailer that sells products from these categories, you need to prioritize Facebook retargeting for your marketing strategy. So how do you reach your target audience using remarketing? Review the following tips for setting up your ecommerce site for retargeted ads.

1. Add a Conversion Pixel

This technology tracks your audience. It gives you the capability to determine which customers to target with your ads. You can reach specific shoppers interested in your products. 

When using conversion pixels, you must inform your audience through your privacy policy that you use them. Assure your customers that pixels focus on information like gender, age, and other demographics. All personal information, such as credit card information and identifiable data, is secure and not shared with a third party. Also, you are required to inform them that they have the option to opt out.  

2. Use Facebook’s Custom Audience

Amazon experts recommend the custom audience feature if you’re using Facebook to reach your potential customers. You begin by creating a standard Facebook ad and creating the advertisement the way you want it. The next step is to go into the custom audience section and define your specific audience settings. 

The last step is to retrieve your audience information from Amazon and sync that with your Facebook consumer database. Facebook then matches these details with its members. 

3. Create Strong Ad Copy

Compelling copy is essential when developing your retargeting ad, as is the imagery you use. Your ad is 75% more likely to attract shoppers when they recognize your product. Using the Amazon product photo is the best way to ensure they see the product just as it was when they were first browsing. 

Next, you will optimize the ad title, include the consumer star rating, and incorporate a sale or special offer if they buy now. Finally, you will include a call to action (CTA) to direct buyers to your Amazon product listing. 

Amazon Retargeting Ads Prediction for 2021

Amazon ecommerce sales projections in the U.S. expect to surpass $302 billion in 2021. With forecasts like that, it is no surprise that Amazon controls 49% of the ecommerce market. Here are a few more predictions for 2021 based on consumer reports:

    • More brand registry features: Brand registry refers to registering your trademark with Amazon to protect your brand.  
    • Expanded video content: Videos give retailers brand awareness, similar to commercials, and enhance consumer product knowledge. 
  • Amazon’s continued growth: Consumers have discovered the increased convenience of shopping from home, especially during a global crisis. 
  • Improved ad features and targeting options: Amazon continues to drive innovation to develop advertising features that benefit retailers. 
  • Added support for small- and medium-sized businesses: Amazon invests billions of dollars in tools, services, logistics, applications, and service agents to promote retailers’ expansion as marketplace sellers. 

The Best Way to Use Amazon Audience Targeting

Facebook retargeting for Amazon is a powerful tool for lead conversion and ad optimization. Implementing a more comprehensive digital strategy is required, including tactics that link content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and targeted exposure drive traffic. 

However, these methods alone do not support lead conversion optimization. Retargeting is the best solution for improved conversions, and your best chance to get the most out of lead generation.

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