Various marketplaces compete for business in the world of online selling. There are several well-known mega-marketplaces, but two names stand out: Amazon and eBay. These two kingpins are among the most successful and widely supported online selling forums.

The two marketplaces differ in size. In 2014, eBay brought in around $18 billion while Amazon reported earnings of roughly $89 billion. Analysts attribute the earning differences to the fact that eBay is a pure marketplace while Amazon is much more, offering its own products as well as subscriptions for streaming movies and video games. Amazon has 244 million active users compared to eBay’s 157 million.

Given these statistics, selling on Amazon will give you a better chance of making money. Amazon offers better customer service and features fulfillment, promotions, and ease of use that shoppers may not find on eBay.

More customers patronize Amazon due to the following reasons:

  • Better user experience – Customers want to simplify their lives, including their shopping experiences. Searching for a product is easier at Amazon than eBay. Amazon has better sorting capabilities, which makes it simple to narrow down product offerings. Amazon also offers the “buy box,” a single listing for each product offering the best deal for a quicker buy.
  • Greater emphasis on the customer – You will not end up confused or waiting for a long time when you shop at Amazon because of its heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. When you shop at eBay, you will have to wait for the auction to be completed, then go to a different website for payment. Compare that to Amazon’s no-fuss, one-click checkout. Returning items is also simpler at Amazon, where the customer is the real king of the marketplace.

Selling on Amazon is less complicated, too. Sellers can focus on sourcing their product and let Amazon worry about the rest. Amazon sells your products even while you sleep. Literally.