The Amazon marketplace allows multiple sellers to offer the same product. When several sellers offer identical items, they will be competing for the “Buy Box.” The Buy Box refers to the box on the product details page of a product listed on Amazon where consumers can add that product to their cart with the click of a button.

Once a seller has been selected for Buy Box placement, any other sellers with the same product will be aggregated to a box of “other sellers” further down the page. With Amazon stating that 4/5 of consumers buy from the Buy Box, Buy Box placement is a veritable assurance that you will outsell the competition.

The Buy Box aims to provide customers with the most seamless possible shopping experience. To conquer the Buy Box, Amazon sellers must achieve performance-based requirements. These standards help distinguish the sellers who prove that they can provide the best products and customer service for the best price.

Sound like a lot of work? It is. But for Buy Box winners, placement usually translates to increased sales.

Sellers are always fighting the competition for the consumer’s dollar. The Buy Box is the ultimate win. The Buy Box is a tried and true way of maximizing profits on Amazon as sellers will be able to sell more once they claim it.

Amazon employs an advanced algorithm in determining which sellers get to stake their flag in the Buy Box. Want to learn how to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box, as well as other e-commerce skills? Join other Amazon sellers at PROSPER Show’s internet retailer conference.