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If you are a frequent business traveler, then you probably know how much money you stand to lose over the years if you don’t use certain tips and tricks when traveling. No matter the size of your business or what your travel budget may be, using these seven travel hacks is great way to save your business a significant amount of money every year.

  1. Determine the potential ROI:

Do the math before committing to travel to conferences, shows, or sales meetings. After calculating the total estimated cost of airfares, car rides or rentals, hotels, food, and other fees, ask yourself if the trip makes financial sense. Is “face-to-face” contact essential to your mission? Picking the right travel opportunities for your business is the first step to planning your business trips in the most cost effective way.

  1. Establish a company travel policy:

Smaller businesses typically spend more per traveler than larger businesses. One reason for this is that a higher percentage of small business travelers are executives, making it even more important to have well established travel policies and stick to those policies. A good travel policy will state how you will be reimbursing your employees, whether or not employees will have access to a company credit card, and what limits you may have for employee expenses. If you are a business executive, be sure to know what your budget is and always aim to spend less.

  1. Travel during “Off Peak” times:

All destinations have seasonal factors that affect pricing. Airlines often establish their rates around specific travel days or dates. For instance, a trip to most popular U.S. destinations can be significantly cheaper if you visit in January-April, due to the post-holiday lull. Prices also tend to fluctuate by the day or week, so if you are able to travel during off-peak days, you can often find better discounts not only on your airfare, but hotel accommodations as well. Also, many travel booking websites will give you a price comparison of different arrival/departure dates and you may find that you can save more money if you change your travel dates by a day or two.

  1. Use Rewards Credit Cards:

Make sure to select a company credit card that offers the best rewards program to meet your company’s goals, has a low interest rate, and other benefits you are looking for. You will also want to determine whether you prefer to accumulate points or mileage perks. You will be amazed at the amount of perks you can acquire being a frequent business traveler. Also, be sure that all points and/or miles can be easily transferred between all employees.

  1. Book off-site hotels when attending conferences:

When attending conferences, be sure to survey the location of the conference hotel in relation to other comparable hotels in the area. By booking your lodging nearby and taking an Uber or walking a few blocks, you can often produce large savings over the years. You may even find a closer hotel for a much better deal!

  1. Pay attention to hidden and extra fees:

Discount airfares can sometimes be accompanied by extra fees, such as airport fees, booking fees, and checked baggage fees. Or you may find that a hotel offers attractive discounted rates and then charges you $50 for parking and $25 for Wifi. If you look for these additional fees, you can usually catch them before you decide to book with a particular company. It is also a smart idea to choose hotels that offer certain amenities, such as complimentary breakfast or gym access.

  1. Take advantage of negotiated corporate discount rates:

Large corporations and government agencies are able to negotiate reduced pricing on airfares, car rentals, and hotels. Most small business owners have no concept of the amount of time and money they could be saving by taking advantage of the negotiated pricing that’s available to them. CloudPerks is a free travel bookings app that has partnered with Priceline to offer Amazon sellers negotiated corporate discounted rates on flights and rental cars, plus up to an additional 85% off hotels. It’s easy to login with your Amazon username and password to apply these exclusive discounts on all your upcoming travel.


BONUS! Use CloudPerks as a perk for your employees:

Another awesome thing about CloudPerks is the ability to use their exclusive discounts as a perk for your employees. Whether booking a weekend getaway to the beach or a food and wine tour in Italy, employees love using this app to gain access to negotiated corporate rates for their personal travels and family vacations.


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