Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a powerful marketing tool for bringing organic traffic to your Amazon pages. However, consumers are no longer just typing queries on a search box and hoping for the best results to show up – they’re now asking Alexa directly.

With this in mind, how do you stay on top of these latest consumer trends? Implementing an effective Alexa marketing strategy is the next logical step for businesses selling on Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon created Alexa Skills to help you transition into this direction.

According to Statista, there are currently 3.25 billion people worldwide – almost half of the world’s population – who use voice-activated search. This number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Out of all these voice searchers, 38% of them are more than willing to use voice-activated ordering for their subsequent purchases.

The rapid pace at which Alexa is gaining ground in the consumer marketplace provides Amazon sellers new approaches in reaching potential customers. Alexa Skills can give your business the means to engage your customers and generate more sales.

How Alexa Skills Can Help with Alexa Marketing

Consumers who buy on Amazon will naturally feel at ease receiving recommendations from an Amazon-powered AI as well. Alexa’s advice shows significant value to buyers because of the trust they place in Amazon.

To maintain this level of trust, Amazon officially declared they have no plans to have Alexa run voice ads. With advertising campaigns out of the picture, the best way to use Alexa for marketing is through Alexa Skills. These “skills” are similar to how apps work on mobile devices.

Consumers download skills to address their specific needs, which makes them targeted audiences. Compared to ad campaigns, people who download your skills are more open to promotional materials.

Alexa Skills allows you to build brand loyalty as well as create opportunities for direct conversions. It’s the same approach as content marketing, only in skills format.

To give you a more precise idea of how companies use Alexa Skills, here are a few examples:

  • 1-800-Flowers created an Alexa Skill that allows consumers to order flowers through voice.
  • Tide created Stain Remover Skill that provides consumers instructions on how to remove 200 different kinds of stains.
  • Campbell’s Kitchen Skill helps Alexa users to plan and prepare meals.

These skills help consumers in their day-to-day tasks and provide a way to recommend respective brand products.

Implementing your Alexa Marketing Strategy

Voice-activated marketing, particularly with Alexa, should revolve around providing value to consumers first rather than a direct plug. Here are ways to strategize your marketing campaign using Alexa Skills:

Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing allows you to build your brand reputation for both existing and prospective customers. If you already have informational content on your website, implementing this approach becomes a lot easier. You can convert your existing content so that people can listen to it instead of reading it.

However, you will want to modify the words so that it flows conversationally. If your products revolve around barbecue grill brushes, you can create your Alexa Skill to answer common questions about grilling.

When people ask, “What’s the best way to grill a T-bone steak?” you should be able to provide steps and tips on how to do this. Expert information you provide to users can help establish your brand’s authority in your category or niche.

The bulk of your content marketing should focus more on increasing brand awareness – an approach that’s three times more effective than outbound marketing. Design your Alexa Skills to complement your overall content marketing strategy, maintaining consistency about the information you’re sharing across different platforms.

Set up Alexa as an Ordering Platform

A recent study shows significant gains in shopping by voice command since 2019. Around 23 million consumers used voice assistance to make their purchases. The pandemic contributed to this surge as people became more comfortable using technology at home, rather than in-store shopping.

Users who frequently buy on Amazon are more likely to be comfortable using Alexa to order products. It’s not as simple as an e-commerce cart, though, where you only need to take orders. Effective marketing must go hand in hand with this.

Let’s expand the Tide Stain Remover Skill as an example. When customers use Tide’s Alexa skill to search for stain removal tips, the voice content mentions specific Tide products in passing. The user can then order that particular product using the same Skill without having to open a browser or use the Amazon mobile app.

Integrating your content marketing with an order processing capability will make the entire method seamless to your customers. It allows you to capture your audiences wherever they are in the buying process, leading them to the final step of placing an order. 

Make Use of Voice-Activated Loyalty Programs

Another strategy you can implement is to combine your Skill with a loyalty program. This way, you can build a complete ecosystem revolving around voice-activated marketing through Alexa.

For your Amazon business to thrive, you don’t want to attract one-time buyers only. You’ll wish to have loyal customers who are repeat buyers, and who will help spread the word about your products. A loyalty program integrated with Alexa can help with this.

When users make a purchase using your Alexa Skill, they can earn points or credits as part of your loyalty program. The next time they want to stock up on the product you’re selling, their first impulse would be to buy through your Alexa skill.

Some of the voice command functionalities you can give to your customers are:

  • “What is my point balance?”
  • “Add this item to my favorites.”
  • “Pay using my points and credit card.”

A voice-activated loyalty program not only ensures repeat customers but also allows you to drive your content strategy further. Alexa users will eventually develop a rapport with your Alexa Skill, asking the AI for any tips and recommendations about your niche.

Boost your Business Performance with Alexa Marketing

If you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to start implementing these Alexa marketing strategies today. Placing your brand in front of consumers has never been as straightforward as using voice-search technology – and Alexa is leading this new consumer paradigm.

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