TikTok Banning Amazon Links?

Sept. 15, 2023

As reported on Techcrunch and elsewhere, TikTok may be planning to ban outside e-commerce links – including Amazon. The initial report came from a site called The Information, but as of this writing no such ban has occurred. According to Techcrunch writer Aisha Malik, TikTok has denied the ban.

“The move would be a way for the company [TikTok] to force people to use TikTok Shop if they want to purchase an item that they see on the app,” writes Malik. “The report also says TikTok Shop is on track to lose more than $500 million in the U.S. this year. The $500 million loss reflects the company’s deep investment in hiring, creating a delivery network and subsidizing merchants that offer discounts and free shipping.”

Helium 10 (Prosper Exhibitor) YouTube channel / Podcast host Bradley Sutton mentioned the possibility of the ban on his 8/24/23 show, but acknowledged that the initial report has not been verified. Sutton stated: “If this happens, obviously this would be huge for anybody who gets outside traffic sales from TikTok. Sometimes you don’t even know how much traffic is coming from TikTok out there…so if this is actually true it could be quite impactful.”