The Ecom Cooperative (TECO): Community And Collaboration 

Nov. 30, 2023

EATONTOWN, N.J. – The Ecom Cooperative (TECO) is not even three years old, but the New Jersey-based venture has made an impact. “The Ecom Cooperative does not offer a traditional service,” explains David Dayon, president and co-founder (pictured right with the TECO team). “TECO offers a free community resource where we host webinars, produce in-person networking events, and organize service giveaways—all as a free resource to e-commerce sellers—paid for by the solution providers who are committed to building this community.”

As sponsors and exhibitors at the Prosper Show, TECO is keen on building community and collaborating with online sellers. The Prosper Newsletter sat down with Dayon to learn more about TECO and its mission to help sellers.

Prosper: How do you help sellers optimize operations?
Dayon: TECO provides a community for sellers so they can access help and ask for advice from mentors, thought leaders, or providers from the E-commerce industry. When speaking with a seller to enhance operations and expand consumer reach, there are usually several crucial steps. Goal setting is usually one of the first. These goals could include increasing sales, expanding market reach, improving customer satisfaction, or enhancing operational efficiency.

Prosper: What misconceptions are prevalent among sellers?
Dayon: So many sellers think they won’t learn from going to Events and Conferences. The Ecom Cooperative (TECO) exists to change that. Our events have been memorable, and our community is constantly growing. We are proud of the atmosphere that we are building in this industry. We want to remind sellers to come out to meet new people and learn new things. Like my friend Lenny always says, “If you gain just one thing of value at each of these events it makes it all worth it.”

Prosper: When assessing a new client’s operations, what are typical issues that you encounter?
Dayon: When evaluating a new client’s operations, a common issue is the absence of clear goals. Many businesses neglect to establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals for their operations. This oversight can result in a lack of direction, inefficient resource allocation, and challenges in gauging performance.

Prosper: How should online sellers be preparing for the holiday shopping season?
Dayon: Stay informed about Amazon’s policies and guidelines to prevent violations or account issues. Attract customers and differentiate from competitors by offering promotions like discounts, bundle deals, or aggressive Limited Time Prime Exclusive Discounts. You can also run targeted ad campaigns to promote these special offers. Other than that, make sure to replenish your inventory properly and get ready for a record breaking season.