Tactical Logistic Solutions: Build The Brand And Expand

Nov. 15, 2023

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. – According to Ephraim Ausch (pictured in white polo shirt with team), online sellers who think they can do it all with Amazon may be limiting their horizons. “If you’re looking to build a brand and expand in the long run, Amazon can’t be your only logistics partner,” says Ausch, chief logistics officer at Tactical Logistic Solutions, Saddle Brook, N.J. “Relying strictly on Amazon Freight, AWS, FBA and partnered carriers restricts you to Amazon’s schedule and a single marketplace.”

As an exhibitor and supporter of the Prosper Show, Ausch has had the chance to spread the “build and expand” mantra to attendees. Potential clients (in-person or on a call) typically meet with team members to determine if working together is a good fit. Ausch assesses the current supply chain and shows sellers where they can save time and money.

“Customers don’t have to use all of our services, only what they need, so in that way we can really tailor our offerings to address specific issues and help them meet their goals,” he says. “We have structured and straight forward costs so you can easily calculate per-unit costs and keep your numbers clear.”

Over-reliance on one online platform is a common issue, and it’s one that Ausch is keen to address. “Amazon is known to have long waiting periods at the ports, and with offloading at final destinations,” he explains. “There are also high fees associated with storage if you are not careful. Using third party logistics allows for omni channel distribution, competitive rates, faster turnaround times, and overall more opportunity and flexibility.”

Another mistake that Ausch sees is overstocking on Amazon. He contends that sending too much can be costly due to high-aged inventory fees, especially in peak season. “We often get new customers who are urgently looking for a 3PL that can support a removal order and store their overstocked inventory,” Ausch adds.

As for ongoing preparations for the holiday season, Ausch recommends having buffer stock available in the United States, but not sitting in Amazon. “Having anywhere from 45- to 90-days-worth in the United States should serve as a cushion for any congestion or delays with importing and trucking into Amazon,” he says.

Tactical Logistic Solutions will once again be exhibiting (and sponsoring) the Prosper show when it convenes March 4-6, 2024 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Ausch enthuses: “Prosper is the biggest Amazon community event in the U.S. and there is always a great turn out of people we can support and learn from. We are strong believers in the face-to-face experience to create a personal connection that is more valuable. We get to learn new things from sellers themselves and adapt to their needs quicker the more we interact with them at events and tradeshows.”