New Amazon Artificial Intelligence

Sept. 30, 2023

SEATTLE – Amazon Web Services (AWS) has debuted five generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) innovations, so organizations of all sizes can build new generative AI applications, enhance employee productivity, and transform businesses.

“Over the last year, the proliferation of data, access to scalable compute, and advancements in machine learning have led to a surge of interest in generative AI, sparking new ideas that could transform entire industries and reimagine how work gets done,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Data and AI at AWS. “Today’s announcement is a major milestone that puts generative AI at the fingertips of every business, from startups to enterprises, and every employee, from developers to data analysts.

“With powerful, new innovations AWS is bringing greater security, choice, and performance to customers,” continued Sivasubramanian, “while also helping them to tightly align their data strategy across their organization, so they can make the most of the transformative potential of generative AI.”

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