If you have an online retail business or are considering starting one, you can choose from many different selling platforms. Some are DIY store backends, like Shopify and BigCommerce. Others are full-blown marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, or the biggest player of all—Amazon.

Amazon has a clear monopoly on the overall percentage of online sales and commands a number of repeat customers like no other. In addition to drawing in consumers, here are other reasons online sellers prefer Amazon over other marketplaces.

  • Amazon has high-caliber customers – Many Amazon shoppers belong to higher income brackets, which means that they have more disposable income. More disposable income means more sales.
  • Amazon wants you to grow – Amazon only makes money when you do. A third of Amazon’s sales come from third-party merchants who are small business owners. Most of these vendors are just ordinary folks who want to pursue the American dream or simply want to make some money on the side. Amazon helps millions of start-up entrepreneurs find success selling on Amazon.
  • Amazon helps processes orders quickly – A major problem for an online seller is the time required to complete orders. If the vendor fails to process an order promptly, customers can become impatient, leading to poor customer service feedback. Amazon has eliminated this problem with the introduction of Fulfillment by Amazon. “FBA” allows third-party sellers to store their merchandise at one of the many Amazon fulfillment centers. When that internet retailer makes a sale, Amazon will ship the order for them.