There are many components to an online business. Offering a good product or service is fundamental, but it must be accompanied by other efforts, too. When businesses fail, entrepreneurs may look to blame any number of factors. Perhaps the product wasn’t good enough. Or maybe the competition was too steep. The business may have launched at an inopportune time.

If you own an online business, take a lesson from the pros in order to keep your business going strong. Many of these top entrepreneurs have learned things the hard way. Internalizing their advice can help you avoid pitfalls without having to pass through them on your own.

Seasoned veterans in the online selling industry often share tips for success at Amazon sellers conferences like PROSPER Show. We’ve collected a few highlights over the years and share them with you below.

  • You think working online is easy – A lot of people have the mistaken belief that all you need to start an online business is an Internet connection. They also believe that after creating their website, the company will begin to take off. What they do not understand is that starting an online business is a difficult process. You need to exert a lot of effort to fully understand your customer base and how to reach them. Marketing is a ceaseless job. Make sure you are willing to work hard before you launch an online enterprise.
  • Establish a business model – A sound business model should be in place the moment you start your online business. Do not assume that your business will take off once you get a certain amount of visitors to your store. Traffic does not always equal sales. Start your business with a definite goal in mind: to provide a solution to other people’s problems through your products. Then, write in pathways to help you reach this goal.
  • Focus on the product – It’s important that your customers know that you are passionate about your product, but they really need to know why they should be passionate about it, too. Make it clear how your products are better than the competition. Help your customers understand what’s in it for them.