To summarize the last week in news: eBay talks the talk about being a rival to Amazon and sellers struggle with USPS. One has to remember that this talk from Devin Wenig comes during earnings season and he has to be positive about his business.

But Wenig has a plan, which he laid out at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Media conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. In an interview on stage, he said that eBay is now thinking more like a retailer instead of a technology site when marketing and selling the 800 million items that are available through the service. Devin Wenig was subtle in mentioning Amazon during this interview with Fortune but the truth is that eBay is a distant second to Amazon’s marketplace in driving returns to sellers. Read more here.

In fact, Wenig said there were things that worked for PayPal that weren’t necessarily working for eBay, and now heading the company without PayPal, Wenig decided to focus on the core and get rid of everything else, and referenced the sale of eBay Enterprise. eBay hasn’t scratched the surface of the richness of inventory “as we pivot out of big retail,” he said. “Think of every boutique and artisan, and small bookstore, and handmade crafter.” Is eBay looking to become a competitor for Etsy? It seems that Devin Wenig has lots of ideas.. Read more here.

The USPS is now extending First Class Package Service (FCPS) beyond the previous 13-ounce limit to 15.99 ounces, resulting in savings for shippers. Nevertheless, it comes with some headaches for sellers. The change was rolled out on January 17 as part of the 2016 postal rate changes for shipping services. It seems that USPS changes have made life difficult for sellers and that has made customers pay postage due in some cases. Does your business have a clear idea of these new changes? Read more here.



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