Every week, Hendrik Laubscher will be providing third party sellers with a selection of news stories that they need to be aware of. As a Prosper Show participant we strive to ensure that you can focus on your business while we handle all the industry news.

The weeks are gaining momentum as we head to the final weeks of 2015. The past week was the first since Black Friday and thus ecommerce business could do a stock take on their performance. eBay continues to look for ways to differentiate themselves. Their partnership with Shyp is one that might be another moonshot or a huge hit. Amazon has created some traffic pressure in New Jersey which lead to threats from the loyal mayor. it is unbelievable to see the impact that Amazon has on certain cities. Lastly, Etsy seems to have an issue with payment for sellers whom uses their Direct Checkout service.

Earlier this year, Shyp made it possible for its users to send to anyone without the hassle of knowing the address. Turns out, this kind of method is a boon for eBay’s buyers and sellers who want to move their products with the extra value of privacy and security. eBay has been looking for methods to make their sellers’ operations more easy. eBay now has partnered with Shyp in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Miami and Chicago. Sellers are urged to read the terms of these services with caution as it is only servicing a limited amount of cities. Read more here.

An Amazon warehouse is being threatened with closure by the mayor of the town in which it is located – and it stems from the seasonal traffic – the real-life kind of traffic, that is! “After key Amazon representatives no-showed a meeting with Robbinsville officials Wednesday, the mayor vowed to take the online retail giant to court demanding the shutdown of its 1.2 million-square-foot warehouse if the traffic problems remain unresolved,” NJ.com reported on Wednesday. Amazon’s 4000 workers that work shifts in their distribution centres have created a traffic nightmare in Robbinsville. It is moments like this when sellers need to be aware of their facilities that they use as part of their Amazon account. Common sense prevailed and thus rescheduling has lead to a solution. Read more here.

Etsy has delayed sending payments to sellers who use its Direct Checkout system, a problem occurring since the long holiday weekend. The first issue impacted international sellers on Cyber Monday and was cleared up on Wednesday, but now it’s impacting US and international sellers. Etsy it seems have a bug with their Direct Checkout system which is leading to sellers not being paid. Etsy is adversely effecting the adoption of this product by dragging their feet on this issue. Read more here.

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