The world is rapidly evolving – from technology and gadgets, medicine
and travel, to how we do business and consume goods. Any form of online
business, particularly Ecommerce, is no different, and is here to stay!

Hence, in this rapidly changing
global economy where not too long ago we found ourselves in the midst of an
economic downturn, the need to exploit opportunities and maintain viable
significance in the online business industry amid the growing competition;
remains highly imperative!

Whether you’re a small business
online or offline, you can never overlook the importance of getting an “extra
set of hands” to take the burden off you!

Any successful online business knows one key fundamental recipe. The
recipe to growing a network. That recipe starts from the very first brick
towards building a network that stands the test of time. And this is where
professionalism, skills, reliability, cost and overall ability to harness
productivity is utmost critical!

Effectively building a network on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google
Plus, Discussion Boards, Industry Forums and a plethora of other avenues is key
in leveraging the power of the internet and merging it with the beauty of
Social Media.

Email lists, consumer outreach and other online initiatives ensure your
network grows, cements and viably resonates with your value proposition as a
business. A good Virtual Assistant will make ample use of each avenue and
exploit it to the nth degree!

The Competitive

A highly trained, experienced and efficient Virtual Assistant under
your guidance is practically a secret weapon that any eCommerce or online
business owner can employ – giving you the ‘edge’ that your competitors simply
cannot exceed.

With the ever-evolving world of business undergoing rapid technological
changes, it is crucial that companies around the globe – particularly those in
Ecommerce – understand, employ and
effectively apply
the power of technology and great customer service.

Great companies and businesses are built on a proven system; constant,
efficient and productive
without the hiccups! The same goes for any
successful, viable and effective small business – be it on a local or global

Easier to Scale
and Grow

All businesses want to move forward by
growing, flourishing, bolstering and scaling to newer, bigger heights. A
business that doesn’t scale, is like a flower that never grows!

It is easy to scale up with virtual assistants
managing aspects of your business. For example, you cannot just fire an
employee when there is less/no work. But you can end the contract with your
virtual assistant abruptly without any legal problem.

And if you hire a virtual assistant from a
different time zone, your business will be 24/7 online. As virtual assistants
are skilled professionals, you will spend less/no time on training. They will
start working for you the moment you hire them. This enables you to scale up
at-will, with none of the fuss!

‘Outsourcing’ – The New Growth Steroid!

Urtasker is a leading and globally renowned Ecommerce
Virtual Assistant agency that provides cutting edge, groundbreaking and truly
revolutionary back office support to Ecommerce sellers, business owners and
vendors on multiple online channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and

With a fully in-house process of hiring,
training and vetting its services for all its valued clients, the company
empowers Ecommerce businesses with hassle-free, cost-effective, trusted
outsourced business solutions world class virtual assistant services.

One of Urtasker
proven accolades entails increasing a U.S based client’s sales by 20% in a mere
3 months. Another compelling milestone in terms of results entailed increasing
the total sales for an online ecommerce company by 40% within a 2-year window.

Conclusively, leveraging the power of a Virtual Assistant
effectively and proactively in the right manner, via the correct strategic
approach can bring innumerable dividends to your small business both in the
short and long run of things.

As a small business owner, you should be doing challenging tasks rather
than non-core tasks, such as making arrangement for travel, sending invites for
a meeting etc. Hiring a full-time employee for these tasks is a sheer waste of money
when you can easily hire a virtual assistant for these non-core business tasks.

A good virtual assistant can be the difference between a productive a
non-productive small business. By outsourcing administrative and non-core tasks
through a virtual assistant, small businesses free up their time to maximize
business efforts – and results!

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