The Power of Advertising

by Alex Mospanyuk

SEATTLE – In a platform as crowded as Amazon, effective advertising plays a significant role in guiding your customers throughout their buying journey. By strategically placing ads throughout the Amazon platform and leveraging external advertising such as Google Ads, businesses like yours can effectively connect with your target audience and drive them towards your products.

Advertising can: 1) showcase your products; 2) differentiate your products from competitors; and 3) influence the decision-making process of shoppers. The Amazon buying journey encompasses the various stages that customers go through when making a purchase on the platform.

By understanding these stages and customer behavior, you can effectively utilize advertising to engage customers and drive conversions. Check out helpful tips on each stage of the buying journey.

Awareness/Product discovery 

At this stage, customers aren’t aware yet of your products. On Amazon and Amazon-owned websites, campaigns like Sponsored Display and Video ads can introduce your brand to potential buyers within the platform. But with 34% of searches starting on Google, leveraging Google Ads will allow you to tap into a broader audience and drive more traffic to your listings. Collaborating with influencers on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram has also recently become popular with advertisers due to its added perks: high engagement and trust that comes from the influencer’s followers.

Research and Consideration 

This is when customers evaluate, compare, and assess. That’s why leveraging Amazon’s PPC campaigns is the key to your success. By strategically placing ads alongside search results or on relevant product detail pages, you can capture the customers’ attention and provide essential information that aids their decision-making process. Don’t forget to optimize your product listings to make your products stand out.

Purchase Decision 

Your buyers are ready to purchase at this point. Emphasizing your product’s unique selling points, offering promotional incentives, or highlighting positive customer reviews should be the focus. Well-placed sponsored ads can remind customers of your product’s benefits, confirming their decision to purchase from your store.

Understanding your customers’ behavior and decision-making processes provides you with valuable insight to effectively optimize your advertising strategies. By aligning your advertising efforts with each stage of the Amazon buying journey, you can effectively engage your customers, build brand awareness, and drive conversions.


Alex Mospanyuk is marketing manager at Seattle-based Ampd (booth pictured above at Prosper 2023 in Las Vegas).