Efficiency is key to online selling success. If you’re not efficient in dealing with customer orders and fulfilling delivery commitments, it will be hard to keep your business afloat.

The following tips will help you sell more online as an internet retailer.


    • Provide high quality images and descriptions – Since customers can’t touch and feel your product before buying it, you need to ensure that they can see it as clearly as possible. You should also provide detailed specifications about different aspects of your merchandise. If customers harbor any doubts about your product, they will leave your page and look for other sellers. Clear images and specific details will keep your customer service team from having to field as many questions from consumers. Information is power.


    • Make product reviews available – Most online customers make their decisions on the basis of customer reviews. While many of you that we meet at PROSPER’s ecommerce event know that Amazon makes incorporating reviews seamless, your personal website may not.  If your products do not offer an opportunity for customers to rate your products or services, prospective buyers will have no basis for their decisions. Rather, they will seek out other sellers who do provide customer feedback.


    • Use technology – Online sellers are often burdened by back-end tasks such as delivery details. If you are shipping out thousands of items per day, you will need heavy manpower just to handle delivery address logistics. Make technology your friend. There are a wealth of programs designed to alleviate back-end burdens and free you up to handle other aspects of your business.


    • Provide video tutorials – If your product requires assembly or usage instructions, consider offering a video tutorial with step-by-step processes for customers to watch and follow. Conversion rates will increase when customers see that a product is user-friendly.

The presence of internet has changed the way people make business. Buyers and sellers make exchanges through the online platform. It creates a new venue for businesses. There are many strategies that are available online. However, not everybody was able to maximize it. For efficient selling, this infographic provides effective strategies.

Tips to Make Online Selling Efficient