Prosper Show and its affiliated educational offerings are developed in consultation with advisory council members. Council members are selected for their thought leadership and their proven commitment to meeting the educational needs of Amazon sellers. Prosper is grateful for the guidance and support of the following marketplace leaders in the development of Prosper Show:



We recently sat down with our high-profile advisory council to hold a Q&A session on all topics related to Prosper Show and Amazon. Learn what to expect, including the benefits of attending this year’s show from top Amazon sellers and industry leaders! Check out the Q&A session below:


Q1: What is the greatest benefit of attending Prosper Show?


Alon: Meeting new Vendors at the show that can help with solutions to grow. The Speakers that have a wide knowledge in their area always make me learn something new and improve thoughts of issues that are not always clear by Amazon. Meeting other sellers and brain storming always helps to advance our store

Jason: It’s an opportunity to get out of the day-to-day of running my agency and meet and learn from like-minded professionals. I’ve been involved either selling or helping others sell on Amazon for twenty years and I still learn valuable tactics at every Prosper Show. And I’ve been to them all.

Carina: The great part of the show is the networking and being able to talk to others going through similar challenges, as well as learning new tips and tricks from speakers with hands on experience.

Carlos: The ability to network with other veteran sellers in a meaningful way.

Liz Downing: Absolutely the greatest benefit of attending Prosper Show is the educational content we get from the speakers, seller sessions, and every part of the agenda. There is something for everyone – and the content is geared toward brands and sellers that are looking to scale and grow their businesses.

Jeremy: Prosper is a real show with real people who all talk the language of an Amazon seller. From the people you meet to the talks that you attend, you’ll be in an environment that will help you get your Amazon business to where you want it to be.

Christopher: Amazon is a fast moving animal, and each month, let alone year, brings changes. I need to keep up with all changes happening inside the amazon seller space, whether it directly impacts my consulting work and services offered to paying clients, or issues that are new that sellers need to understand that are outside of our area. I need to see case studies and hear stories about all of those developing problems, too. I know that Prosper will have all the best minds in one place, with up to date takes on everything crucial happening in the Amazon space. I’ll never miss it

Peter: The greatest benefit of attending Prosper Show is the fact that the best Amazon through leaders and the best Service providers come together under one roof for three days. There’s not a better opportunity to help quickly grow your business from the best in the industry!

Liz LaVallee: The greatest benefit of attending Prosper Show is the community and conversations that take place better sellers, speakers and exhibitors.


Q2: What are you most looking forward at Prosper Show 2022?


Alon: Think Tank sessions and meeting exhibitors with new solutions.

Jason: I’ve developed several long term relationships with folks I’ve met at Prosper over the years, and I’m really looking forward to catching up with many of them at this year’s show. I’m also looking forward to hearing the latest news and tactics from some of the most trusted folks in the space.

Carina: I am looking forward to updating myself on the latest programs, features and strategies that have evolved in the last 12 months.

Carlos: I am most looking forward to hearing Chelsea Cohen speak. Inventory levels and forecasting is my greatest pain point and Chelsea/SoStocked are the masters.

Liz Downing: I’m looking forward to seeing some new-to-Prosper Show speakers like Carolyn Lowe and Andrew Morgans. Carolyn is talking about organic optimization, and Andrew is talking about branding and I know both of them personally. While we have some long-timer presenters that always bring valuable content, it’s great to see new faces and get new energy into the agenda.

Jeremy: Our Amazon business saw 23% growth in 2021, and in order to sustain that growth we need to be on the cutting edge of “what’s new” in the industry. One of our goals for growing in 2022 is something we learned a lot about at Prosper ’21: influencer marketing, and this year’s agenda has a an influencer marketing panel with real influencers who will bring their expertise to Prosper.

Christopher: I really enjoy reconnecting with experts in each field, and I like to see new, first time attendees to find out where they are on their business journey. There’s always enough solid new participation from recently launched brands to keep things fresh and interesting. The problems or challenges brands face tend to change a bit from year over year, so I like talking to them in person about how they adapt, and what they perceive to be the toughest struggles to resolve.

Peter: I’m really looking forward to how the Prosper Show has expanded its education tracks to include ways for brands and sellers to expand their business off Amazon or how to use off-Amazon strategies to help drive their Amazon performance. Selling on Amazon continues to be more and more complicated. It’s important that sellers stay up to date on the latest growth strategies.

Liz LaVallee: I am most looking forward to some of the sessions that are about some of the tactics a brand can use to build awareness and drive traffic off of Amazon, such as the sessions about social media ads, influencers, tik tok, YouTube and Google.


Q3: What seller needs will be addressed at this year’s Prosper?


Alon: Elevate Your Brand Using Tik Tok to Build Connections With and Among Your Customers. We want to learn more about social media.

Jason: Walmart is becoming a more viable marketplace and I’m looking forward to both leading a panel to discuss and learning from others who’ve successfully added as a viable new sales channel.

Also, Amazon Advertising has added a ton of new functionality since last year’s Prosper Show and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s working and what’s not working for sellers and ad agencies.

Carina: I am interested to understand more about other channels such as Walmart and how to use different social media channels such as YouTube to fuel the Amazon flywheel.

Carlos: Inventory and forecasting by Chelsea Cohen.

Liz Downing: Supply chain issues (Eddie Levine is going to touch on this – it’s also going to be covered in the panel discussion called “Manufacture in the Americas to Improve Profitability and Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions”) International expansion is also a big topic so I’m looking forward to the conversations around that.

Jeremy: Increasing profitability. As sellers our profits are continuously taking a beating from all sides: supply chain costs are through the roof, Amazon is always increasing fees, and the CPC for PPC continues to rise. Hearing about new sourcing opportunities and new advertising channels can help drive costs down and increase our business’s bottom line.

Christopher: Prosper attendees expect growth as a brand on Amazon to be explored in depth from all angles. Brands need to know how to manage keeping an eye on competition while operating a positive relationship with Amazon itself.

Quality communication with Amazon internal teams makes a huge difference in troubleshooting problems, and saving time and preventing revenue loss. Better to learn this at Prosper, than to wait or miss it, and experience the pain instead.

Peter: FBA limitations were a big challenge in 2021 and with rising fees in 2022, the challenges will continue. One of the most important aspects that sellers and brands need to continue evaluating is their FBA strategies. I’m really looking forward to the panel discussion “Go With an FBA Alternative to Avoid FBA Restock-Limits and Other Hassles.” Hearing from these experts on FBA alternatives will be exciting!

Liz LaVallee: Prosper 2022 is going to be a perfect mix of networking opportunities AND educational opportunities. I’m really excited that there’s such a great mix of single-speaker sessions, panel sessions, think tanks, workshops and even “office hours with the experts”! Prosper 2022 is really set up well to allow a Seller to accomplish a lot in 48 hours, and walk away from Prosper Show with clear actionable takeaways to improve their business in 2022

Q4: Why do you come to Prosper Show and how is it different from other Amazon seller events??


Alon: Prosper Show is build to educate the sellers, not just a selling session in mind and has a very diverse agenda on many topics that are important to many sellers.The location is great – it’s Vegas and the rates are reasonable.

Jason: In my opinion, it’s the biggest and best Amazon show available. I have yet to have experienced another Amazon-specific show as comprehensive as Prosper.

Carina: To continue to learn and network with others. I like Prosper as the content is current and appeals to sellers at all levels of expertise from beginners to advanced. A lot of events out there touch on the basics and don’t go deep into the detail.

Carlos: Prosper Show vets speakers before putting them on stage to ensure they know their craft and are not salesy.

Liz Downing: I come to Prosper Show because it is THE event for Amazon sellers. New events have cropped up but none of them offer the networking, fellowship and education that one finds at Prosper Show. It has the respect of the industry, and my ultimate respect as well.

Jeremy: Unlike many other Amazon shows, Prosper isn’t a get rich quick type of show. For those looking to build a business for sustainable income and/or an exit, Prosper delivers real advice that will help you navigate the pitfalls associated with running a successful Amazon business.

Christopher: Despite the fact that Prosper is a large conference, it contains programs, events and sessions that help Amazon sellers consume relevant content easily. Also, access to speakers is not as difficult as it might be at a large event with a huge exhibitor hall to boot. Speakers like myself usually make themselves available far beyond the Q and A that comes at the end of each talk, which attendees like. Since its inception, Prosper’s been a large show, but it never sacrificed the intimacy all good conferences require to keep sellers coming back. Speakers are not recycled from every other event, and they don’t promote relentlessly from the stage!

Peter: I’ve been coming to Prosper Show since the very first show in 2016. It’s different from other shows because the speakers don’t pay to be on stage. The content is created specifically with the audience in mind based on the current trends, challenges, and opportunities that sellers and brands need to be aware of in today’s complex Amazon environment.

Liz LaVallee: I come to Prosper Show because it’s a one-stop-shop to find experts in each and every field of Amazon and beyond.


Q5: If Prosper Show were an animal, what animal would it be and why?


Alon: Lion – Shows control and protection for sellers to stay on the right path with Amazon while being able to advance the agenda.

Jason: A happy elephant with more industry knowledge and memory than any other show.

Carlos: Hydra since it has many powerful tracks of focus.

Christopher: It would be a lion, king of the amazon jungle! It takes a lion to wrestle a beast like Amazon and few brand owners understand the ins and outs of how that jungle operates. Worse, un-Prosper like conferences peddle generic ideas or suggestions, from non-experts. Prosper is the Amazon conference industry standard for a reason.

Peter: If Prosper Show were an animal, it would be a Great Horned Owl. Owls are wise, strategic, quick to adapt, and calculated hunters. These are the same skills that Amazon Sellers have used to scale their businesses and every year Prosper Show brings together the smart Amazon thought leaders and service providers in the industry.


Q6: What would you like to learn about at Prosper Show this year?


Alon: Social Media, improving listings and international sales.

Jason: Already mentioned and additional ads knowledge in a previous block.

Carlos: Better video strategies.

Liz Downing: I’m always very interested in learning what pain points sellers and brand owners are facing any given year, and seeing so many in person provides the perfect opportunity to learn what people are going through. My company is moderating the Think Tanks, which are great for learning what sellers need, right away. Can’t wait for that.

Christopher: I’m looking forward to meeting more experts in areas that I don’t fully understand. Also, looking to see how much progress some brands have made in the last year, since I saw them in July. I’m always interested in speaking with newly launched brands as well to determine what path they plan to take in terms of marketplace development, and how many new products they intend to launch over the course of the year.


Q6 What movie, TV show or song best describes your work?


Jason: If ‘Halt & Catch Fire’, MoneyBall, and MadMen (minus the misogyny and heavy drinking) had a baby it would describe our work.

Carlos: Everyday I’m Hustlin’ by Rick Ross

Christopher: Kitchen Nightmares/ Gordon Ramsay, because that show has small business owners struggling to understand a bad situation, to identify what causes things to go wrong before they even assess how to fix them with viable solutions. Just like selling on Amazon teams themselves.

Liz LaVallee: Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley


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