The news this week features Amazon a bit more than usual. The simple reason being that Amazon has been able to negotiate better USPS fees for their sellers. Secondly Amazon is about to open a pickup location at the University of Pennsylvania. Lastly, Vice provides more detail about eBay’s bug that could have lead to hackers getting access to passwords.

The news this week:

Amazon told sellers on Monday it had negotiated a deal with the USPS so they will see no rate change on the cost of Priority Mail shipping, which will remain at 2015 rates. The deal is unprecedented, since Priority Mail rates increased 9.8 percent on average as of Sunday (January 17, 2016) retail – and an increase of 9.4 percent for Commercial Base pricing, on average. This is huge news that makes the scale of Amazon’s operation more open to the eyes of the public. eBay was unable to negotiate a better rate for their sellers but Amazon could. This is one of the reasons why sellers want to sell on Amazon – the ability to access better logistics rates. Read more here.

Amazon is opening a pickup location at its first Ivy League school—the University of Pennsylvania. Amazon@Penn is a 3,558 square foot facility opening this spring at Penn’s largest campus café, 1920 Commons. Ripley MacDonald, director of Amazon Student programs, stated in a press release that the company is “looking forward to bringing this experience to even more college communities soon.” This is Amazon ensuring that they start their relationship with customers as early as possible. Read more here.

A critical bug on eBay’s website opened the door for malicious hackers to create fake login pages to steal passwords and harvest credentials. An independent security researcher found the flaw in early December, and reported it to eBay on December 11. After an initial response asking for more information the following day, eBay stopped responding to the researcher’s emails, and didn’t patch the bug until after Motherboard contacted the company asking about it last week. Read more here.

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