So , you have a new product, and you want to sell it quickly? Improving your Amazon rankings and sales takes time, but there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process and command the marketplace.

Win the Buy Box. We’re stating the obvious here, but that’s because we can’t overstate its importance. To sell well, you must show up on the product page. As you seek to win the Buy Box, price will be your most important consideration. Price your product to sell well. Ratings matter here, too. Keep your customers happy—at least 90 percent happy. If you fall below that threshold, there’s not much hope of winning the Buy Box. Another important metric is shipping. Amazon is watching your order defect rate (ODR) and perfect order percentage (POP). If your products are being damaged during shipping or if you’re running out of inventory, Amazon will reflect this in your rankings.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon. This will relieve you of headaches and allow you to focus more on business growth. In addition, it will help your rankings because Amazon loves and rewards FBA sellers.

Tap into Daily Deals. Amazon offers promotional tools for the following sellers:

  • Individual sellers with a pro-merchant account
  • Professional sellers or vendors

If you fit either of these categories, you can tap into Amazon’s coupons feature. To find it, click on “Today’s Deals.” Once you get to that page, tap the “Coupons” link which will showcase Amazon’s most popular VPCs (vendor-powered coupons). Offer VPC promotions with exceptional deals. Promote them heavily (and don’t shy away from using third-party deal sites). Give your VPCs out to family, friends and loyal customers to build a following.

Use Custom URL Queries. Amazon uses URL queries for search results, and you can tap into that process to maximize your sales. Start by searching for a keyword (or phrase) that you want to rank a product for. Then, click on your item and purchase it. After that, move to a different computer so that your IP address changes and repeat the process.

For more information on innovative selling hacks, attend our Amazon sellers event . These pro-active efforts to boost your sales can help set you apart in the crowded Amazon marketplace.