At PROSPER Show’s Amazon marketplace event, attendees learn techniques for online selling. Successful entrepreneurs share their experience in the mechanics of e-commerce with aspiring online retailers. These e-commerce seminars give striving sellers tools that they don’t get elsewhere, and we’ve created a collection of some of the show’s best tips to date.

  • Produce good content – Online sales are improved through the power of content marketing. Online businesses that have blogs and multi-page websites typically receive more leads than websites with less content and fewer pages. Thin/Single-page websites may look pretty but statistically don’t usually perform well.
  • Help people – Coinciding with producing good content, go out of your way to help people gain information and solve their problems. This is a great way to connect with the customers
  • Build social relationships – You don’t need to be a seasoned marketer to sell goods. You can establish solid relations with current and potential customers and bolster your brand through social media. When you frequently engage with customers through social media platforms, they will be more likely to patronize your products than those of your competitors.
  • Nourish your mailing list – A mailing list is a powerful tool for marketing. Make sure to devote time to making and curating a solid list. And remember, not selling is often the best sales tool. This non-sales effort will improve customer loyalty and may drive up revenues long term.
  • Don’t feel like you have to be a techie – Because of the premium people place on technology, some retailers mistakenly think that they must outdo the competition by building up their own technology. No, you don’t need an app for everything. Leave technology to the experts and focus your time and resources on developing strategies to effectively market your products.

There’s no single secret to success, but these tips can go a long way in helping your online business succeed.