Many Amazon shoppers rely on product reviews before deciding to place their orders. This can be discouraging for new Amazon sellers who have not yet established sturdy reputations. Lacking positive reviews is not a death sentence, though. There are a number of ways to engage customers.
Consider these ideas for selling products on Amazon, even if you have not acquired a robust review base:

  • Use images, videos, and product descriptions – Product descriptions could temporarily take the place of reviews. Adding images and videos will show consumers what kind of product you are selling and help convince them to purchase. Invest in good photography. Beautiful, clear images can have a powerful effect on online shoppers.
  • Build trust within your listing – Mention the number of years you have been in business and, if appropriate, your accreditation with the Better Business Bureau or other rating agencies. List any awards you have received as well as publications that have featured your products. These feathers in your cap can help assure consumers that you are a reputable vendor.
  • Make your products available on Prime – Putting your products on Prime can help convince customers to buy from you because of the free one or two-day shipping. Money talks.
  • Give a thorough product description – In the absence of reviews, you can hire a good copywriter to create an engaging product description.
  • Get “Fulfillment by Amazon” – Products sold on FBA use pricing and delivery as the main sales drivers. Consumers feel safer when products come with a fixed delivery schedule.
  • Offer a preview – If you are selling a book, offer consumers a chance to download the first chapter for free. Let customers see for themselves that you offer a quality product. This free preview can often speak louder than reviews.
  • Lower your price – If you are confident about the quality of your product, try slightly lowering your price to attract interest. Once the buyers like your product, they will be more apt to leave positive reviews.

Don’t feel like you’re a lost cause just because you don’t have Amazon reviews yet. Find other ways to showcase your product, and the positive reviews will follow.