Over the last 5 years, the convenience of online shopping has become more and more the ‘new normal’ with the magic word here being “convenience”. Imagine being able to sit on your couch, pull out your cell phone and buy pretty much any legal thing you can think of with the tap of a button, and I mean literally a single button. Now imagine not having to pay a bunch of money for shipping in order for your package to arrive within a reasonable amount of time. That’d be cool, right? What if you could have your online order delivered to your doorstep within a few hours?

Just a few short years ago that would all sound impossible, but at some point, between then and now the folks at Amazon sat around a big conference table and had these types of ‘what if?’ conversations. In doing so they cracked the code of what every American wants and as it turned out, it wasn’t Baseball, Apple Pie or Bruce Springsteen – it was Free 2-Day Shipping.

Great. Good for Amazon and the Amazon Sellers, but how are the Amazon Sellers taking all those pictures and at what cost?  The fact is, for the majority of Amazon shoppers there are two major deciding factors when choosing one product over another, positive reviews and who has better product images. Amazon has very specific photography guidelines when it comes to what they will accept and show on their website. It’s exactly what sets them apart and they have raised the eCommerce photography bar forever.  Looking at the Amazon standards for product images, the requirements seem easy for one or two images at a time. Just grab a cell phone and an image editing program. Easy, right? But what if you have thousands of products shots to take, each at four specific angles? 

Much how Amazon has revolutionized the online shopping experience through innovation and solving common problems, Ortery Technologies has taken similar steps within the world of product photography. For the past 18 years, Ortery has served as the pioneer in providing the latest in software-controlled product photography automation solutions. The Ortery lineup includes a wide range of DIY solutions that allow the average Joe with zero photography experience to capture professional quality still, 360 and 3D product images with a few clicks of a mouse.


To achieve high throughput product photography with the level of quality Amazon expects, Ortery’s professional light boxes and LED studio lights combine the benefits of hardware and software working together. Features specific to surpassing the standards set by Amazon include:

·         Color accurate lighting and dimmable light control from multiple light sources that make it easy to take pictures on pure white and transparent backgrounds

·         The automated photography workflow for video and image capture

·         All lighting and camera settings can be adjusted and viewed in real time

·         Best settings are saved and re-used to simplify and accelerate product photography in the formats accepted by Amazon (JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF)

·         Take pictures with the correct crop ratio

·         Batch edit, size, name and save images according to the standards


       Amazon also recently announced a beta program in which Amazon sellers could start displaying interactive 360 degree product views.  Ortery offers a full line of 360 degree product photography turntables for creating still and 360 product views on pure white.  

For advice or solutions on how to automate high throughput product photography and 360 product views for Amazon listings, contact Ortery today.