With the growth and popularity of online shopping both locally and outside the USA, it is vital for online sellers to understand the desires of international customers. In fact, more than half of consumers who prefer to shop online have purchased products from another country. Price (68%), Availability (46%), and Selection (38%) are the most compelling motivators for cross-border shopping.

Thanks to advancements in international shipping and e-Commerce, consumers can shop online for products across the globe with the click of a button and have their packages delivered to their doorsteps, no matter where in the world they live. Online sellers now have a wider reach to larger, international markets. Because of this, it is crucial for sellers to understand the unique preferences of global shoppers. For instance, 92% of online shoppers want the ability to see web content written in their own language. 75% prefer the option to use local currency. Without these options, shoppers are more likely to abandon their purchases.

Thinking of expanding your store’s sales by selling beyond borders? Asendia USA offers the following tips to get you started.

Localize Your Website to Attract International Shoppers

e-Commerce continues to grow and potential customers aren’t just in your backyard anymore — now they’re all around the world. In fact, measures have been taken beginning early this year to ban geo-blocking across the EU. This means that consumers will have the ability to shop online cross-borders without being blocked or rerouted to another site because of nationality or place of residence.

However, purchasing items internationally can be expensive and confusing for consumers. The added shipping costs, language barriers, and currency conversions can quickly discourage shoppers from considering a purchase from the other side of the world. Cross-border shoppers also worry about the security of their payments, with preferred payment methods differing from country to country.

Localizing your website to include features such as preferred and secure payment methods, local language and currency, and global package tracking can make cross-border shoppers feel right at home. From the moment an international shopper lands on your website, to the day they receive your products, and even when they need to make a return, you have multiple opportunities to provide them with a favorable customer experience. This positive and localized experience not only improves the seller’s ratings, but will also encourage your international customers to return.

Offer More Shipping Options at Checkout

When shoppers order their products with sufficient time for delivery, most expect that they will be able to choose from a variety of shipping options, including free or reduced alternatives that deliver within a reasonable amount of time. Since the seller needs to cover the cost of shipping either way, free delivery options are more commonly offered on domestic orders. However, it is important to offer both domestic and international shoppers some form of shipping savings when they are willing to wait a little longer for their package.

The need for more choice at checkout is especially important for shoppers when purchasing items from overseas. To help your store better serve these consumers and expand sales globally, offer shoppers a wider range of shipping options in terms of speed, visibility, and cost. More international shoppers will follow-through with their orders if they feel they have control over how and when their products will arrive. As a result, you’ll likely see a decrease in last-minute shopping cart abandonment, and an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. Online sellers that think outside the box and beyond traditional shipping options ultimately provide shoppers worldwide with a more satisfying customer experience.

Provide Options with Tracking

Most consumers prefer to see the status of their packages after making an online purchase. According to the latest IPC cross-border e-Commerce shopper survey, 61% of consumers had tracking available on their purchases, but still consider this a pain point. Providing your customers with accurate and timely tracking information is key to customer satisfaction. Online shoppers, especially those ordering from international sellers, often want details on where their package is throughout the entire shipping process. By offering an efficient and user-friendly package tracking system that provides shoppers with access to tracking from shipment through delivery, online sellers can quickly increase customer satisfaction. With trackable options, customers who prefer greater visibility will shop with confidence, knowing exactly where their packages are and when they will be delivered.

Offer a User-Friendly Returns Solution

Before feeling confident about completing a purchase online, shoppers want to know that they have the option to make a return if needed. Providing a clear and upfront explanation of how your online store handles returns will help prevent misunderstandings that could cost you repeat customers. Include pertinent information on your e-Commerce site, such as how shoppers can contact you about a return, whether they can expect to receive a refund or a credit, and whether or not they need to pay for the return shipping. For international customers, offering a simplified, global returns process will significantly increase your chances of gaining repeat business.

Partner with an International e-Commerce Expert 

Partnering with an e-Commerce solutions provider with experience in cross-border shipping is one of the most efficient ways to expand your online store globally. Online sellers can benefit from working with a partner experienced in international online shopping preferences, that can reduce the complexities of cross-border e-Commerce, supporting website, order management, and international delivery and returns. Expand your sales today by sharing your products with shoppers around the globe.

About Asendia USA 

From providing tools to upgrade your website to appeal to international customers, to getting your product to their doorstep, Asendia USA has the e-Commerce Solutions you need to serve the global market! Fully-landed cost options, comprehensive global shipping and returns management, multicurrency transactions without the risk of fraud, and much more. With over 30 years of experience and relationships in the international shipping industry, Asendia USA offers online sellers significant savings on postage.  Asendia USA currently delivers catalogs and parcels worldwide for several top internet retailers. Our customized solutions reduce costs, improve transit times, and provide a superior customer experience.

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