Contrary to the adverse effects of coronavirus, the pandemic became the tool that fanned the flame of rising e-commerce purchases.

Retail e-commerce platforms have received a massive boost in traffic since January 2019, with the overall number of visits reaching 22 billion in June 2020. Due to this, retail sales continued to experience a dramatic rise in the U.S., up to $791.7 billion in 2020.

As important as location is for brick-and-mortar businesses, the platform for online selling is equally necessary because foot traffic translates to web traffic. That’s why effective branding on Amazon is crucial to achieving success, especially since six out of 10 consumers prefer this online store over its competitors.

Strategies for Effective Branding on Amazon

Some businesses choose to maintain their e-commerce website themselves, but it can be tedious. The best approach is to use the website solely for marketing and let Amazon take care of the e-commerce side of the business, including:

  • Inventory handling
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Returns
  • Payment processing

Amazon understands the need for powerful branding to increase sales, which is why they’re providing sellers with brand-building tools.

Here are six ways to make Amazon an essential part of your branding strategy:

1. Choose a Good Brand Name

While a brand name cannot carry a product, it’s still imperative to spend effort in crafting an appealing one. A catchy label can help your brand stand out from your competitors and influence consumers’ buying decisions in your favor.

Take Apple as an example – the name may seem too simplistic and unrelated to their products. However, it proves how the business behind a name can influence a consumer’s viewpoint. When most people hear the word Apple, they immediately picture gadgets rather than the fruit. Furthermore, the simplicity behind this brand name makes it easy to remember.

When choosing a good brand name, keep it short and easy to remember, spell, and pronounce – just like Amazon.

2. Optimize your Product Detail Page

Consumers go over the product detail page before deciding to make a purchase. It contains basic product information, including images and customer reviews.

The critical elements on your product detail page that you should tweak are:

  • Product title
  • Product images
  • Product description

The web copy on your product description and your imagery should provide customers with a unified experience. Consistency will help build your brand and encourage repeat customers.

If you already have a website, the images on your Amazon product page and your website are the same. Customers you have warmed up on your site must experience a seamless transition when they arrive on Amazon.

3. Use Enhanced Content Page

Enhanced Content Pages are product detail pages on steroids. These pages make use of A+ modules that Amazon offers to premium Amazon sellers for a fee. While you will have to pay to use these modules, they are worth the cost.

A typical Enhanced Content Page will include the following modules:

  • Integrated 720p videos that are up to three minutes in length
  • Enriched FAQ listing with an engaging layout to boost trust
  • Hotspot modules that provide an interactive experience when a customer hovers the mouse pointer over a specific product feature
  • Alexa integration with mobile-friendly and voice-friendly product pages

A product detail page with A+ content converts better and helps make a good impression on your brand.

4. Create a Compelling Story on your Amazon Store

Amazon’s Brand Story feature is part of its A+ Content Manager. Brand Stories appear on the product detail page above the product description. It is another option to warm up customers, encouraging them to choose your brand over competitors who sell the same products as yours.

When you have an engaging brand story, people will remember your brand better. It sets you apart from your competitors and helps build an emotional connection with customers.

You can also show the values that your brand adheres to in the Brand Story. Studies show that 80% of consumers are willing to pay more for products coming from environmentally and socially responsible brands. As Simon Sinek from Ted Talks said, people do not buy what you do, but “why” you do it.

5. Improve your Packaging

The first thing your customers see as soon as they open their order is the product’s packaging. With a considerable impact on consumer behavior, it can be a great marketing tool.

Each packaging conveys your brand and can affect how customers perceive your product, associating the design quality with your label. You can also use eco-friendly materials for your packaging if being environmentally friendly is one of your core values.

6. Become an Amazon Exclusive Brand

If you want to level up your strategy and make your brand identifiable with Amazon, join the Amazon Exclusives program. While you need to pass specific requirements first, the benefits are more than worth it. To become part one of the Amazon Exclusives brands, you must meet these standards beforehand:

  • Cancellation rate of 2.5% or less
  • Order defect rate of 1% or less
  • Late shipment rate of 4% or less

Amazon will also check your website’s content as well your product reviews. When you get into the program, you enjoy benefits that boost your brand presence, such as:

  • Deal fee exceptions: Take part in Amazon’s Deal of the Day without paying the $150 fee.
  • Display ads advantage: Show display banners on related product ads to piggyback sales and attract new customers.
  • Brand manager: Gain access to a dedicated brand manager who can help you optimize your branding strategy.

While your business handles the R&D and sourcing, Amazon shoulders some of the work and resources when rolling out a new product. You increase your customer base without watering down your brand if you become an Amazon Exclusive partner.

Make Amazon a Key Part of Your Branding Strategy

You can ride the waves of Amazon’s success if you align your branding strategy with this e-commerce giant. Follow these six strategies and improve your brand’s presence and performance. While you will not become a bestseller overnight, you’ll have the assurance that your methodologies will take you there sooner.

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