Over the last several years China has become the number one market to source products. Fact is, China is currently America’s biggest goods trading partner with imports in 2016 totaling over $462.8 billion. Obviously, most Amazon resellers go to China for their goods. But even with the massive revenue these transactions have produced there are a multitude of issues and challenges resellers still face when attempting to conduct a successful transaction with Chinese manufacturers.

Amazon resellers repeatedly state that the following are the four biggest challenges they face when sourcing from China.

  1. Communication

Probably the number one issue when it comes to failure or a sourcing deal gone bad is poor communication. It helps tremendously if you have someone on your team who can effectively communicate to your supplier your expectation and any agreements. Preferably someone who can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently—-and not your supplier’s translators.

  1. Proper Due Diligence on Suppliers

When a buyer does not have a good sourcing strategy or well-defined road map it can create big problems in the sourcing process. Not knowing how to identify good suppliers, not knowing how to find good deals in regards to price, quality, and knowing whether you’ll receive timely delivery can be the difference between a successful sourcing relationship and a huge failure.

Things like geographical location of the supplier, production capacity, quality standards and price range are also among the most critical factors in determining if the supplier is right for your needs.

  1. No protection for payment and quality issues

Many suppliers offer no protection for payment or return policies for quality issues. This includes late shipment. Many cases buyers are at risk of losing their money with no way of recouping funds should a sourcing deal go sour due to above mentioned issues.

  1. No assistance with packaging or marketing of products. No ability to communicate with U.S. consumers.

From Crov’s perspective we focused on how we could help resellers overcome these issues for a consistently successful sourcing experience. We created a platform that makes communication issues, due diligence on suppliers, and payment protection essentially non-existent. At Crov.com we have in place a team of sourcing experts in the U.S. that provide resellers customer service. This omits communication challenges and gives resellers complete access to the sourcing process from beginning to end.

Additionally, the Crov.com website explicitly spells out transaction guidelines between buyers and resellers so that there is no confusion about seller responsibility and obligation.

In regards to due diligence on suppliers, Crov.com only works with the most reputable Chinese factories and thoroughly audit all manufacturers prior to agreement to sell merchandise on the Crov.com website. Resellers are relieved of the responsibility of having to identify good reliable suppliers for quality products at competitive wholesale pricing.

Crov.com secured automated online payment system which includes bank transfer options takes the worry out of any payment issues. If a reseller isn’t satisfied with merchandise we offer a fast return process for full refund.

Crov.com offers assistance to resellers with brand development and marketing as well as packaging design. We have an in-house team of marketing professionals who will help resellers market their products appropriately with a focus on specific American consumer markets aimed at by resellers.

This is how we feel we are able to take reseller’s business to the next level. We looked at the real problems and found solutions to help resellers have the easiest sourcing experience as possible.


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