11 Sites to Help Amazon Merchants Find Private Label Product Ideas 

Private label products can be an effective way for merchants to increase their profits on Amazon. However, finding the right products to ‘private label’ can take a lot of energy and hours. Most of the time, uninspired sellers end up choosing product ideas that are already saturated, resulting in low sales.  

So, in this article, we compiled a few websites to help aid your private label product research. Whether you’re a new or a seasoned marketplace seller, you’ll find several promising product opportunities to explore.  

Top Websites for Private Label Product Ideas 

1. Kickstarter 

Although it’s primarily used by project creators to run campaigns and fund creative projects, Kickstarter is a great tool for extracting private label product ideas. With the help of its various search filters, you can search for a specific niche, category, or genre, based on your preferences. Besides finding product ideas, you can also use the platform to get investors for your own projects. 

2. Trend Hunter 

Searching for quirky product ideas? Trend Hunter is all about ‘what’s hot’ and items that are different from mainstream goods. The site offers valuable insights into current trends and innovations that can help inspire your product research. Once you find a trend that you think would remain strong in the foreseeable future, you can contact your suppliers to see if they can brand and provide you with relevant items. 

3. YouTube Trending 

How many times have you clicked the ‘trending’ section of Twitter? It keeps you up to date with the most talked about subjects in the world. YouTube Trending works in the same way, except that it’s going to give you more product ideas than Twitter. A lot of people make review-style YouTube videos featuring various types of custom products.  Watch them for inspiraiton for your own private label venture. 

4. Pinterest 

If you’ve never considered Pinterest to be something more than a collection of craft and home décor project ideas, then it’s time that you take a closer look. The platform is an excellent source to discover private label product ideas through people’s boards and pins. Consider researching categories of niche-specific boards to find quirky and trending products. 

5. Google Trends 

I think we can all agree on one thing: there’s no replacement out there for the almighty Google. Without its prowess, it would have been difficult for us to conduct keyword research, promote products outside of Amazon, and – to put it simply – run an online business. Unsurprisingly, Google also has our back when it comes to private label product research. Its Trends platform allows you to search for the latest fads country by country. Once you get the hang of it, there are loads of untapped product ideas and niches for the taking. 

6. Amazon Movers and Shakers 

The list would be incomplete without mentioning Amazon itself. Movers & Shakers is like a ‘sub-niche’ of Amazon’s best-selling items, showing products that are quickly moving up the best-selling rank in the marketplace. This is valuable for discovering product ideas that have the potential to become best sellers in the future.  

6. Oberlo 

For dropshippers thinking of becoming private label sellers on Amazon, Oberlo can be a fantastic source of product inspiration. The Oberlo team often covers trending product ideas, as well as talks about hot-selling items in specific niches. You’ll also love their YouTube channel where they feature success stories. Everything they publish is also regularly updated to remove outdated suggestions and present readers with fresh ideas to pursue.  


WUANTO is another popular product inspiration website. It gives Amazon users the ability to search what’s popular on a country-by-country basis. The website makes use of eBay’s ‘watch’ feature, which enables aspiring private labelers to track the products they’re interested in. You can also ‘search by popularity’ to discover what items are being watched (and by how many people) to get an insight into people’s interests. 

8. Reddit 

Reddit is stocked with subreddits (also known as subgroups) where people often have conversations about trending items. Engaging in a few of those can give you new ideas. “Shut Up and Take My Money” and “Buy It For Life” are two subreddits you should definitely keep an eye on. The chatter from these subgroups can help you identify up-and-coming product ideas that you can capitalize on before your competitors do.    

9. Instagram 

Ever used Instagram for something more than posting a selfie? Well, the platform is a goldmine for discovering private label product ideas. Just search for hashtags related to your niche to discover what’s trending. For instance, if you’re searching for fitness-related products, search for hashtags like #gymproducts and #fitnesslifestyle to see what’s popular in that industry. Additionally, keep track of influencers and thought leaders, and examine what they talk about in their videos, stories, and posts.  

10. Indiegogo 

Similar to Kickstarter (the platform we discussed in the beginning), Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site. Once people open up their fundraiser on Indiegogo, businesses and individuals can then donate to help them get their project off the ground. You can navigate the platform by category or use the explore section to see which projects are popular and how much investment has been made to date. This should give you an idea of what type of products have been featured in popular projects, and what you could introduce on Amazon under your own brand. 

11. Coolhunting 

Did you know that there are publications that specifically gear their content to modern trends? These are sites that can give you an idea of where consumer interest is headed, which can feed your brain with new product ideas. Cool Hunting is one of these websites. If you’re planning to sell art-themed products under a private label, you will find tons of inspiration here. The award-winning publication is popular for featuring the latest in art and other niches. 

As an Amazon merchant, you have a lot on your plate. So, if you’re spending endless hours on product discovery, who’s going to take care of the other aspects of private labeling? By exploring the sites and platforms mentioned in this list, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.   

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