EXHIBITOR NEWS: Expanding Artificial Intelligence Assist

Sept. 30, 2023

AUSTIN, TX – Prosper exhibitor Jungle Scout (pictured above at Prosper 2023 in Las Vegas) recently launched AI Assist, a new suite of AI tools to help sellers automate tasks and grow their Amazon businesses. AI Assist, originally introduced within Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder tool in March, now leverages the power of artificial intelligence across three additional Jungle Scout tools: Profit Overview; Review Analysis; and AI Assist Chat.

AI Assist for Profit Overview
AI Assist for Profit Overview is a powerful new integration that uses AI to analyze the performance of a user’s Amazon business and instantly deliver actionable insights to help improve profitability. Amazon sellers are often inundated with complex financial data; AI Assist acts as a seller’s own CFO, analyzing revenue, profits, margins, costs, fees, and PPC data to identify trends and deliver critical insights and action items within seconds.

AI Assist for Review Analysis
AI Assist for Review Analysis instantly assesses a product’s reviews and delivers insights including common themes in positive and negative comments, comparisons to competing products, and data-based suggestions for improvement. When used as a competitive product research tool, Amazon FBA sellers can use AI Assist for Review Analysis to quickly find areas for improvement in any product on Amazon, providing ideas for new products.

AI Assist Chat
Wherever Amazon sellers hit roadblocks or feel uncertainty, AI Assist Chat offers answers sourced from Jungle Scout’s database of resources. It not only provides instant answers about the process of selling on Amazon, but also acts like a virtual assistant, connecting to a user’s own account to analyze their performance, deliver insights about their sales performance, make recommendations, and more.