Amazon Touts Hercules Robot


SEATTLE – Officials at Amazon recently touted their first mobile robots in a 9/7/23 posting on About Amazon. The small robots appeared in 2012 to help fulfill customer orders. According to Amazon PR, “these small-but-mighty robots were the predecessors to our current robot drive called Hercules,” which continues to improve safety and efficiency in fulfillment centers around the world. Hercules helps employees by traveling around the facility to retrieve shelves of products and deliver them to employees, who then pick the items customers ordered for shipping.

“One of the things that we’ve been proud of over our 10-year history is the ability to develop robots that work well alongside people,” said Scott Dresser, vice president of Amazon Robotics. “This starts with Hercules, which reduces walk time in the buildings and makes a better employee experience. It extends to Robin, which helps lift and sort customer orders.

“Now, we’re also testing Proteus and Cardinal, a new fully autonomous mobile robot and pick-and-place robotic system that pair up on tasks and can work more collaboratively alongside employees,” Dresser continued. “And that’s really important, not just for our employees, but also for our customers. It helps us deliver faster, on time, with better value, and more selection to the customer.”

Hercules is being honored at a new gallery featuring iconic artifacts from innovative companies at Nasdaq’s new headquarters in New York City. Nasdaq created the new gallery space to celebrate the innovation, thinking, and success of companies with well-known brands and products.