3 Areas to Focus on in 2023

With the start of the new year in full swing, we asked sellers what they were focusing on in 2023 and here’s what they said. 

  1. ChatGPT + AI

Gaining popularity in late 2022, ChatGPT can assist marketplace sellers in various ways: product research, content creation, customer service, advertising, inventory management, or social media management.

ChatGPT can also help Amazon sellers to automate and optimize various aspects of their business operations, allowing them to save time and resources, increase efficiency and scalability and make more informed decisions.

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  1. Inflation

Inflation can present several challenges for marketplace sellers. As the cost of goods increase, profit margins shrink, making it difficult to main profitability. As prices rise, consumers may be less likely to purchase items resulting in decreased sales. To mitigate these challenges, sellers may need to find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and find new ways to attract and retain customers.

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  1. Networking

Networking can help sellers to identify new opportunities and potential partners, such as suppliers, manufacturers, or other businesses that can help them expand their product offerings or improve their operations. Networking can help sellers establish relationships with other sellers and influencers in their niche, which can help to increase their visibility and credibility on their marketplace.

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This represents only a few areas sellers should give their attention to in 2023. Prosper Show has the solutions for learning more about ChatGPT, battling inflation, and networking with industry leaders. Share your own goals and focuses with us by following Prosper Show on your favorite social media platform.

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