With autumn sales in full swing, online merchants are gearing up for the biggest retail holidays of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online sellers are already asking themselves what unique products to offer. Internet competition is a lot fiercer today than it used to be. Just figuring out what to sell online is a complex equation.

When you decide to sell products on Amazon, it is important to choose merchandise that will increase your bottom line. Here are a few tips for selling on Amazon to help you determine what to offer on the year’s biggest shopping days:

  • Bluetooth speakers – Bluetooth speakers have been hot holiday sellers for the past several years. The popularity of streaming music services made portable speakers a must-have for people who want to listen to music wherever they go.
  • Smart health watches – The popularity of health and fitness across different age groups has made smart fitness watches a sought-after item throughout the year. The items are particularly hot sellers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Smartphones – Many people will be shopping for smartphones on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, knowing fully well that the prices of Android and iPhone flagship products will drop on these two mega-shopping days.
  • Phone power banks – Popular smartphone apps have engendered heavy smart phone use, which takes a toll on phone batteries. In the past, people used to charge their phones once every day or two. With the current usage, most people need to recharge throughout the day due to streaming video, music, and augmented reality apps. Power banks have become lifelines, providing an instant charge whenever a phone runs out of juice.
  • Tablets – As more and more people are turning to mobile devices, tablets are popular gift items for the holidays. Tablet sales surge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Data storage – Mobile device users download so many things that they often reach maximum capacity in a few months of use. Extra data storage, which is a top seller on popular shopping holidays, can help lighten the load.

Looking for more ideas? Review 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday reports to see last year’s top selling merchandise. This can be a valuable reference point as you decide what holiday discounts to make available.