Prosper Connect held a Think Tank — an interactive breakout room exercise via Zoom on April 21, 2021. This conversational forum was ideal for meaningful knowledge exchange through the sharing of best practices and solutions among Amazon sellers. During this 90-minute digital event, sellers discussed the latest trends and challenges and shared their collective best practices. Participants of this event were sellers only and were grouped according to their company’s annual revenue. The three topic areas of focus included: meeting demand, driving sales and cutting costs.

During the event we were able to gather some of the best practices, tips and tricks shared by many Amazon sellers as well as the solution and service providers who sponsored the event. Here are just a few of the top takeaways from the event!

  •  In a year where demand outpaced anyone’s wildest expectations, we asked sellers what hurdles they had seen and foresee for the coming sales cycle. From receiving delays to material shortages and managing inventory dashboards, sellers had plenty of issues to wrestle with this year, and a lot of solutions to get them through. The solutions to the problems sellers were facing in shipping management and inventory forecasting were as follows:
    – Relying on successful key partners
    – Regular small parcel to FBA replenishment shipments, daily into FBA
    – Good software, including ERP software


  •   Unlocking the secret to sales conversions is all about focusing in on the customer and maximizing efficiencies. Learn how sellers are overcoming obstacles, grappling with advertising options and optimizing their listings in an extremely competitive landscape. Solutions to the problems faced by sellers included:
    – A/B testing and successfully managing marketing
    – Understanding the customer and develop content to target them
    – Creating defensive or offensive strategies to target and manage costs

These are just a few of the top lessons learned by Amazon sellers to help them to continue to grow and scale their Amazon sales. For a full PDF download of the best practices document, visit us here, and fill out the form to download the helpful information!