If you’re an online retailer, there are a number of fall shopping occasions that are worth capitalizing on. In addition to fall holidays, the change in temperature can spur sales as people make purchases to prepare for colder weather ahead.

You can get ready for fall by developing smart seasonal marketing strategies. One great way to do this is by attending an internet business exhibition to learn from experts about ways to rev up your autumn retail performance. Consider these tips from pros in the industry:

  • Focus on the fall holidays – Halloween and Thanksgiving are the major holidays of the season. Online sellers should prepare their inventory for the two holidays, which typically generate high-volume sales. Costumes and party merchandise sell big for Halloween while home décor items and food supplies are popular for Thanksgiving.
  • Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – Aside from Christmas, these two events are the Holy Grail of retailers. All retailers, both online and in local stores, should prepare throughout the year to offer big discounts on these popular shopping days. While Halloween and Thanksgiving Day are for seasonal products, all types of merchandise will appeal to shoppers on these two landmark days.
  • Make an inventory of what you can sell – Businesses accumulate inventory throughout the year. Review your products in advance of the holiday shopping season to determine which inactive products you could resurrect and sell at a discounted rate for the holidays.
  • Plan your purchases early – Holidays are busy for suppliers. Plan ahead what you want to sell for the fall holidays, and start making purchases before suppliers get swamped with orders.

With summer winding down, start preparing now to ensure that you have a smooth and profitable fall selling season.