From Efficient Era:

As an Amazon seller, it can be really frustrating when a customer leaves a negative review that describes a problem you can easily fix. Maybe something went wrong with the shipping, or they received a product with an uncommon defect that isn’t representative of your product as a whole. Even more frustrating is the fact that Amazon reviewers often post reviews under an alias, so it can be difficult to find and contact the buyer associated with a negative review.

We all know how important reviews are. They can make or break your Amazon career, especially as a private label seller. One too many negative reviews can send a product to the dustbin of low sales and search ranking, while enough positive reviews can drive your rank and your sales to the very top of your category.

Efficient Era believes that contacting reviewers to address negative reviews is a hugely important part of running a successful Amazon business, and so we have developed extremely reliable buyer-reviewer software allowing you to find the buyer associated with the review so you can quickly remedy the problem.

Buyer-reviewer matching is extremely powerful, but some caution is advised. Amazon allows reviewers to choose an alias for a reason: they strongly dislike review solicitation or manipulation. They believe that reviews should be an unbiased source of information and feedback for products. Because of this, they make it difficult for sellers to directly contact reviewers and ask for positive reviews.

If you are an Amazon seller, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Amazon’s terms of use. However, just to reiterate, you are forbidden from asking for only positive reviews, offering compensation for a review (other than a free/discounted product), or asking reviewers to remove a negative review. Additionally, you may no longer offer a free or discounted product in exchange for a review. Despite this, asking what went wrong with a negative review or thanking a customer for a positive review (without asking for extra favors), are perfectly allowed and even recommended. While the Amazon Messaging Service can help you connect with buyers in general through the orders they placed, it will not match reviews to orders. That’s where you can take advantage of Efficient Era’s buyer-reviewer matching software to reach out to reviewers, but be careful in doing so and don’t overstep your boundaries.

Efficient Era is a one stop solution providing powerful tools for Amazon sellers ( In addition to buyer-reviewer matching we provide tools for product review notifications, seller feedback automation, sales charts, bulk order notifications, email automation and more. All of our tools are available for the same price (with a new scalable pricing model). If you have any questions, please email