Prosper Remix is the digital extension of Prosper Show! Participants will gain access to all recorded sessions from Prosper Show and NEW digital sessions that will be offered live. Check back for more information on the next Prosper Remix. 

Previous Prosper Remix Sessions

State of the Marketplace: Ecommerce Trends, Supply Chain Insights, & Industry Outlooks

Joe Hogg, Managing Partner, Global Wired Advisors & Rob Salmon, Head of Research, Global Wired Advisors

Joe Hogg and Rob Salmon of Global Wired Advisors share their Quarterly Market Outlook, including their thoughts on broad economic and geopolitical trends, ecommerce, online marketplaces, the U.S. consumer, the state of supply chains, key regulatory developments, the latest with Amazon Aggregators, and much more. This session is designed to be a Macro to Micro analysis of relevant topics, full of data, charts, and actionable recommendations to help you grow your ecommerce business.

Rank Your Brand Off Amazon Using Google Business Profile

Norm Farrar, Co-Owner, Private Label Legion

Brand SEO has never been this easy! Amazon sellers will learn how to rank their brand on Google, using a suite of FREE Google apps focusing on the Google Business Profile. Learn how to optimize your image to rank on Amazon, Walmart, and/or your ecommerce store. This session will show you how to index your content immediately to see proven results.

Build Your Brand – The Stories that Taught Me the Most

Andrew Morgans, Founder, Marknology

Join this session – a Part-2 to his #Prosper22 session on Building your Brand – as Andrew Morgans shares more of the stories that taught him valuable lessons in the process of branding. More knowledge is gained through failure than through success, and after 11 years of helping brands scale on Amazon, Andrew has plenty of both successes and failures to share. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or an established seller, if you are looking to build your brand and take it to the next level, this session is for you.

Ecommerce Marketing Best Practices

Canaan Schladale-Zink, Chief Revenue Officer, Quartile

Allocating your media budget across the funnel and across channels requires agility, technology, and expertise. In this session, Canaan Schladale-Zink of Quartile will explore how brands and sellers are leveraging A.I. to scale their Amazon and D2C business – reaching customers at every stage of their customer journey.

Walmart Marketplace: What’s Next for Your Biggest Ecommerce Growth Opportunity

Matthew Adam Smith, Director, Marketplace Strategy & Business Development, Walmart

Join Matthew Smith as he recaps best practices from Prosper Show and explores Walmart as an ecommerce growth opportunity. Learn differences in how to succeed with Walmart vs. other marketplace platforms, current incentives to help new Walmart Marketplace sellers scale quickly, and innovations in Walmart’s roadmap.

How to Beat Your Competitors with International Keywords that Drive Sales

Jana Krekic, Owner and CEO, YLT Translations

Learn how to get ahead of almost any competitor across international marketplaces with this session presented by Jana Krekic, owner and CEO of YLT Translations. You will discover ways to improve your ranking, driving sales through content and keywords. Jana will point out top-selling products in various categories – you won’t want to miss this session!

Amazon Creatives – Combining Social and Advertising Opportunities to Help Maximize Brand Exposure – Part 2

Destaney Wishon, CEO, BetterAMS

The world’s most customer-centric marketplace is going social! Amazon continues to improve its social and creative offerings. From being able to email followers to having lifestyle images on your Sponsored Brand ads, Amazon has a lot of new tools to help you connect with your customers and tell your brand story. This session – a Part-2 to Destaney Wishon’s #Prosper22 session – will show you how to maximize your brand exposure and drive traffic to your feed.

The Amazon Ranking Algorithm: How to Write Optimized Listings to Maximize Ranking Potential

Brandon Young, CEO, Data Drive

Join Brandon Young for a deep dive into Amazon’s ranking algorithm! This session will show you how to mine critical keyword data from your competitors while breaking down Amazon’s algorithm values so that so that you can understand how to prioritize keyword position and match type in your listings. Brandon will share his insights to help you maximize your rank potential, enhance your listings, and boost your sales.

Optimize Your Amazon Listing to Break Prime Day Records and Build a Lasting Brand

Emma Tamir, Owner and Marketing Expert, Marketing by Emma

Prime Day is coming up fast, but with increased advertising costs and fierce competition, killer sales don’t come easily. Set your listing up to capitalize on this shopping holiday, build awareness, and capture positive momentum to start ramping up for the Q4 rush. In this session, you’ll discover: simple techniques to capture (and hold) attention so you can make the sale, critical mistakes to avoid so you don’t get caught with massive post-Prime Day returns and how to leverage your listing creative to assert your competitive edge and strategically position your brand for long term growth.

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