Each of our webinars is expert-led and highlights the most pressing topics within the Amazon industry. See a list below for upcoming webinars you can attend, and past webinars that are on-demand for you to view.


Seller Panel: I Sold my Amazon Business: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Sponsored by THRASIO)

Wed, Jun 23, 2021 1:00 PM EDT

Speaker: Panel hosted by THRASIO
Overview: Hear the journey, lessons learned and insights from sellers who have sold their business. Hear how they made their choices, how they prepared their business, what worked, what didn’t, and what they would do differently. 


Outflank Competitors Using Amazon Market Intelligence Data (Sponsored by Teikametrics)

Wed, Jun 30, 2021 11:00 AM EDT

Speaker: Alon Maltzov, General Manager, Market Intelligence,Teikametrics
Overview: What Amazon data will prove most valuable to sellers and brand owners to compete on the marketplace? What are the best ways of putting that data to good use?



Maximize the Value of Your Amazon Business During the COVID Era

Speaker: Chuck Mullins , Quiet Light Brokerage
Overview: Has the coronavirus pandemic impacted the value of your Amazon FBA business? Get these answers and more in this webinar.



How to Research and Vet a Product Opportunity

Speaker: Zack Leonard , Gembah
Overview: Product opportunities have changed drastically over the course of the past six months. As we continue into the “new normal” for COVID, we have seen a shift in demand for products. In this webinar, we will cover a methodology that sellers can use to better analyze and vet new products or existing opportunities.


Apply an Enhanced Understanding to Automated Bidding Strategies on Amazon: Advertising AI Myths and Realities

Speaker: Joseph La Selva , Perpetua
Overview:  Is your bidding logic leaving money on the table—or worse—hindering the performance of your campaigns? Participants will learn the nuances, benefits and risks of various bidding strategies. Webinar participants will be able to think critically about the best fit for their business.


COVID-19 and Q4: Prepare Your eMarketplace Business for Holiday Demand

Speaker: Andrew Altersohn and Brian Liebman , Feedvisor
Overview: This webinar leverages Feedvisor’s findings from COVID-19 sales and advertising data across eMarketplaces to reveal the lasting effects of the pandemic on the eTail sector and pinpoint areas in which brands and retailers must quickly adapt to succeed in the “new normal.”


A Panel Discussion - Preparing Your Amazon Seller Business for a Possible Second Wave of COVID

Speaker: Panelists – Jerry Kavesh, Jason Boyce, Michael Sene 
Overview: Join our panel of Amazon seller experts as we discuss what you can do right now to prepare your 3P business to weather this second potential storm better than the first. We will examine the financial, operational, logistical, and management challenges for which you need to protect and insulate yourself.


Leveraging Leading Marketplaces to Win eCommerce in Japan

Speaker: Kenny Tsang , PingPong
Overview: This webinar will share insight into the issues that COVID presents to sellers, leading them to have to think about diversifying their eCommerce business, either to expand to more international locales or to more marketplaces.    

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Diversify Your Logistics Network to Keep Goods Moving through Amazon, No Matter What

Speaker: David Glick, FLEXE 
Overview: This webinar will share best practices and lessons learned for using tags to integrate Amazon and Google for eCommerce success.


Increase Profit Margins by Simplifying Operations When Selling on Amazon – From Forecasting to Inventory

Speaker: Fabricio Miranda, Flieber
Overview: This webinar will share best practices and lessons learned on how to simplify operations, increase margins and reduce capital investments.   

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Amplify the Impact of Ad Dollars by Leveraging Amazon’s New Attribution Program

Speaker: David Knijnik, Quartile 
Overview: This webinar will share best practices and lessons learned for using tags to integrate Amazon and Google for eCommerce success.

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Improve Your Amazon Advertising Strategy with New Marketplace Data

Speaker: Andrew Waber, Teikametrics  
Overview: In this webinar, you’ll get insights into pre- and post-COVID data trends by vertical on Amazon, along with strategic guidance on how to properly measure and grow your business in the current environment.

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Minimize Amazon Fees and Increase Profit: A Practical Approach To Data Analytics

Speaker: Yoni Mazor, GETIDA  
Overview: Too many third-party FBA sellers are leaving money on the table – a huge blunder in the era of COVID-19. Do you wish you had a way to keeping track of inventory transactions, refunds and claims? Tune in to find out more.

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When Messaging Your Customers on Amazon Gets Your 3P Account Suspended

Speaker: Jeff Cohen, SellerLabs 
Overview: Earlier this year, Amazon enacted programmatic suspensions of 3P sellers because of buyer-seller messaging. Now with two such suspensions, 3P sellers are losing their lifetime ability to message sellers. Listen as we discuss what specific steps Amazon sellers should be taking to avoid such suspensions, and what sellers need to do if they are suspended once for such behavior.


How Amazon Sellers Successfully Diversify Manufacturing Beyond China

Speaker: Nathan Resnick, Sourcify   
Overview: In this Prosper Show webinar, we look at how Amazon sellers are successfully finding manufacturing partners outside of China. We examine country-specific issues to consider before pursuing supply partners in these various countries.


Suspension Proofing Your Amazon Business

Speaker: Chris McCabe, President, Former Amazon Insider
Overview: Amazon suspensions can come out of nowhere, shutting your business down. But if you know where to look, you can catch the warning signs before it’s too late.


The Latest In The War Against Bad Actors And Counterfeits On Amazon

Speaker: Cynthia Stine, President, eGrowth Partners  
Overview: While there are bad actors worldwide, the sheer volume and fast rise of the Chinese sellers makes for a tsunami of specific dirty seller tricks. Hear what is being done by Amazon to cleanup and protect themselves.


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