Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 14 this year. Sales for many companies surge in the lead-up to holidays. The trend, like many other shopping habits, is leaning towards more people ordering their Mother’s Day gifts online instead of going to brick-and-mortar stores, revving up the action for online retailers.

Mother’s Day is considered by many as the second-largest gifting event of the year. If you are an online retailer, try taking the following steps to increase your Mother’s Day sales:

  • Create a separate category for Mother’s Day deals – It will be convenient for your shoppers, and you, if you create a distinct Mother’s Day classification for your products. Using relevant keywords in the URL, title, and description of the product will increase the possibility of ranking higher in Google searches to drive more buyers to your sites.
  • Let buyers see delivery options at a glance – Shoppers want to know when their gifts will arrive. Adding messages such as “order by” or “same day delivery” to applicable products will encourage buyers to place their orders.
  • Highlight popular choices – It will save your customers from shopping-related stress if you highlight other people’s choices for Mother’s Day gifts. Include “top-rated” tags in your featured gifts list to help customers make easier decisions.
  • Keep it simple – People often want to spare themselves the agony of having to assemble gifts. Increase online sales by offering made-to-order gifts, including personalized T-shirts, wine glasses, fitness accessories, etc.
  • Go the extra mile – Throw in a free gift-wrapping option to satisfy your customers.

Taking steps to get buyers’ attention during the Mother’s Day shopping season can help ensure that you will beat your sales forecasts for the period.